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Usman Sheikh is a lawyer living in London. He studied International Law at SOAS and works in the field of immigration and asylum. He specialises in detention cases.

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Mariam Ali

Mariam Ali is Associate Editor for openDemocracy's Arab Awakening page.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Deportation: an increasingly 'foreign' Britain at war with itself

The Government seems to be doing its best to detain and remove as many immigrants as it can. Usman Sheikh, a lawyer specialising in detention cases, asks why.

Britain has become an open prison to migrants

An immigration lawyer reveals the alarming degree to which migrants are subjected to monitoring and control outside the detention centre.

Muslims in flux: the problem of tradition

Muslims across the world are engaged in a great debate about the fundamentals of their faith. The discussions among European Muslims often focus on how to sustain the meaningfulness of their religion within a new environment. Here, a Muslim still in ‘the process of arriving’ in Britain examines the tension between nostalgia and oblivion which afflicts his generation, and proposes a creative understanding of Islam for the new century.

Muslims and society in western Europe: lessons from Bosnia

Can Muslims in western Europe move beyond social stagnation, and in the process help their neighbours towards a new understanding of the identity they share? Are the problems of Muslim people living in western, secular societies caused by too much religion, or too little? A young British Muslim travels to Bosnia and discovers a fresh perspective on these vital questions.
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