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About Valeria Costa-Kostritsky

Valeria Costa-Kostritsky is a French journalist based in London. She writes about politics, women's rights and social issues for publications including L'Obs, the London Review of Books and Index on Censorship.

Articles by Valeria Costa-Kostritsky

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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Who killed Iryna Nozdrovska?

The murder of a prominent female lawyer in Ukraine questions the progress of reform and revolution.

In pictures: life at London’s latin market, under threat from developers

Wandering around the market in Seven Sisters, it's clear: this is more than a collection of shops and restaurants, it is a unique cultural hub.

‘I won’t be displaced again’: the fight to save London's latin market

Community members and traders mobilise to save a Seven Sisters market from regeneration plans that could transform it into “unaffordable” flats and chain stores.

Ukraine: sex work in times of war

Ukraine’s military conflict and economic crisis are affecting the country’s sex workers. Read how these women’s lives and concerns are changing, in their own words. 

CSW : will the global women's rights movement prevail?

“Violence against women and girls is not in anyone's culture, tradition or religion. This is about power, inequality, a lack of political will and courage to work towards a better world," says Shareen Gokal. Will those with the political will to end violence against women and girls prevail in the final hours of the CSW? 

CSW: the battle over women's sexual and reproductive rights

The battle over women's sexual and reproductive rights is at the centre of much debate at the CSW and the anti-abortionists are out in force. At one event participants were confronted with a pile of small pink plastic foetuses on a table at the entrance of the room. Valeria Costa-Kostrisky reports

CSW: gender and unsustainable development

Women activists from Guatemala, Colombia, Kazakhstan and Fiji came to the CSW to share their experiences of agrofuels and mining in their countries, Valeria Costa-Kostritsky reports from the CSW

CSW: women of old age - a lifetime of violence

Women's organisations working to address violence against older women are calling a for special convention of older people, and for amendments to the Agreed Conclusions now being argued over at the CSW.

The post 2015 development agenda: what's at stake for the world's women?

"We want to be included. We are still invisible in the process of consultation. We are the key stakeholders. Inequality is part of discrimination. We want inequality to be included in the goals"- Jhocas Castillo, community organiser in Manila. Valeria Costa-Kostritsky reports from the UN CSW

Beyond a war of words: will the UN agree to act to end violence against women?

The 57th session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women opens today with member States - and thousands of women's rights advocates and organisations - set to debate how to end violence against women. Valeria Costa-Kostritsky reports from New York

A French debate on prostitution

Back from Paris where she has been interviewing prostitutes, politicians, police, and feminists who argue both for and against legalising prostitution, Valeria Costa-Kostritsky asks whether legalising it would benefit both those who want to leave prostitution, and those who feel it is their only way to earn a living.

France and the veil – the dark side of the law

French anti-veil laws are steeped in racism and have opened the door to abuse against Muslims, argues Valeria Costa-Kostritsky .

France: licence to rape?

A lenient gang-rape verdict has prompted outcry and a debate on France's inadequate response to rape. The French media's ambivalence towards rape victims also needs to be examined, says Valeria Costa-Kostritsky

"Is Hollande going to expel us all?"

Like their classmates, Roma children in one Paris suburb are getting to grips with a new school year - but French ministers continue to play politics with their future

Is feminism in Russia a mortal sin?

The trial of Pussy Riot is encouraging Russians to talk openly about corruption. But how is their message being received in a country where feminism is still a dirty word?

Olympic winners and losers

Adidas has good reason to celebrate Team GB’s success. It is the main sponsor of the Games and the official sponsor of the British team. But while the sports group bathes in reflected glory, the workers who stitch their gear work in conditions that fall far short of Olympic ideals of “human dignity”, says Valeria Costa-Kostritsky

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