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About Valerie Hopkins

Valerie Hopkins is an American journalist based in the Balkans, She divides her time mostly between Belgrade and Prishtina.

Articles by Valerie Hopkins

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Adam Bychawski is an editorial assistant at openDemocracy.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The Women in Black remember Srebrenica

The Women in Black commemorate Srebrenica twenty years on, whilst facing abuse in their own country, and amidst a regional climate of genocide denial that still stands in the way of collective healing.

"We are hungry in three languages": citizens protest in Bosnia

Demonstrations have spread rapidly across Bosnia, with citizens organizing popular assemblies to voice their frustration with the country’s institutional paralysis.  Through the adamantly non-ethnic nature of the demonstrations, the protesters are taking aim at the entire political elite. Valerie Hopkins reports from Sarajevo.

What does Croatia’s same-sex marriage referendum mean?

The results of a referendum on the definition of marriage in Croatia were disappointing for those who hoped EU accession indicated a shift towards tolerance in the country. But a conservative-created wedge issue might be the spark for progressive Croatians to push for more long-term change.

Finland’s paradox of equality: professional excellence, domestic abuse

Finland is regularly touted as a paragon of gender equality and one of the most progressive countries for women’s rights.  So why are its rates of domestic violence almost twice the European average?

Will homophobia rain off Serbia's parade?

Gay pride week begins September 21, but it is unclear whether the Serbian government is willing to expend the political capital to secure it, despite external pressure.

LGBT violence in the Balkans

Throughout the Balkans, LGBT advocates and their supporters face violence, cancelled Pride parades, and unresponsive or disrespectful police. What hope is there for sexual minorities in the region?

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of homeschooling

The increasing presence of homeschoolers on the US election campaign trail testifies to the growing strength of this highly organized constituency.  Could they rival the influence of labor unions?

The US: the real 47 per cent

There is another 47% - Americans who do not vote in Presidential elections.  Is America the only democracy that does not help its people vote?

Montenegro: mafia state in the EU neighbourhood

The European Union is set to begin formal access talks with Montenegro. But as the case of Prva Banka shows, no progress against corruption will be made without a shift in the regime that has led the country since independence 

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