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About Valeriu Nicolae

Valeriu Nicolae has many years experience working in the ghettoes. He has visited a number of prisons in Romania and illegal Roma camps all over Europe. Three years ago he started a project in one of the worst ghettoes in Romania that received the 2012 UNICEF award for best Sports and Education project. His organization also received the 2012 award for the Development of Romanian Civil Society. Valeriu Nicolae is a Romanian Roma.

Articles by Valeriu Nicolae

This week’s front page editor


Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The stench of hypocrisy: a migrant's story

I have been a migrant. I have lived, legally and illegally, in nine different countries. In 1993, I first tried to escape Romania.

No accountability – the case of the Roma social inclusion in Europe

Despite a few years of small efforts, and decades of very strong but mainly empty rhetoric, Roma remain the most discriminated-against ethnic group in Europe and the most unrepresented within the decision-making structures.

Frankenstein Roma: the economic fallacy

The governments of many Roma countries of origin are guilty of resorting to an economic fallacy that prevents the social inclusion of Roma – both at home and in western Europe. This fallacy must be exposed, and abandoned.

Failing Roma, again

Roma need to become respected but also responsible citizens in their own countries. There are solutions. But none of those solutions are immediate or cheap.

28 years after… while Roma wait

Twenty eight years exactly since the first resolution on Roma was passed by the European Parliament, the EU is finally publishing its Framework Strategy on Roma. But is there any progress to report?

Systemic reform is urgently needed for Roma

Small steps forward are not sufficient to stop the overall negative current when it comes to the social exclusion of Roma. Those small steps forward will soon become irrelevant if serious reform is not put in place

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