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Valery Kalnysh is editor-in-chief of RBC-Ukraine

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Goodbye, Radio Vesti

kalnysh_0.jpgUkraine’s media is caught in a political crossfire. In this situation, everyone loses — journalists, citizens and the country itself. Русский


District 205: what the Chernihiv elections mean for Ukrainian politics

Ahead of municipal elections in October, Ukrainian politics gets dirty, hot and local in the northern town of Chernihiv.


Mukacheve puts Ukraine to the test

RIAN_02657849.LR_.ru_.jpgAfter a deadly fight between a volunteer battalion and local police over smuggling in the country's western borderlands, Ukraine finds itself at another critical juncture.

Little green men

Events in Ukraine may develop with lightning speed, but the fear of war is ever present – a new kind of war. на русском языке


Elections (or war) in Ukraine

Ukraine has never seen such an unusual election campaign; part of it – Crimea – is no longer Ukrainian; there are Russian tanks on its eastern frontiers, and separatism is rampant in the eastern regions. (на русском языке)

Who is fighting whom in Ukraine – and why

The Maidan protests, which started over two months ago, have drawn a very clear line between the political parties. At future elections, voters will ask their candidates, ‘What did you do during Maidan?’ How might the politicians reply? на русском языке

Yanukovych v Klitschko – round four

Negotiations between the Ukrainian Government and the Opposition have been through several rounds. The recent repeal of the hated new laws and the resignation of the government may have gone some way towards meeting the Maidan protesters' demands, but have failed to satisfy them.

In Ukraine, free cheese is a mousetrap

Viktor Yanukovych has fled from Europe into the welcoming arms of Mother Russia. But as Valery Kalnysh reports, the cost to Ukraine could be high.

The fate of Ukraine's revolution is in the hands of the opposition

The intensity of the public protest rallies in Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities has peaked.  Will the opposition be able to withstand the government, which has regrouped and is maintaining a ‘business as usual’ stance? Valery Kalnysh wonders.

Is Ukraine its own master?

The world was waiting for Ukraine to take its first step towards joining the EU this week, but a few days ago its president announced a not-entirely-unexpected U-turn. Valery Kalnysh reports from Kyiv. 

Are European calls for Euro 2012 boycott meaningless?

The recent mistreatment of former Ukrainian prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko has caused European leaders to call for a boycott of Euro-2012. This is all very well, but the championship will go ahead and President Yanukovych isn’t bothered by empty threats. He would be if they were backed up by deeds, says Valery Kalnysh 

Tymoshenko: soon at liberty, but never free?

Despite the severity of Tuesday’s verdict, all the signs are that Yulia Tymoshenko will soon be released. But what of her political future? That all depends on Victor Yanukovych, says Valery Kalnysh

What is Tymoshenko fighting for?

The trial of former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko has rallied the opposition behind her. Her supporters believe the outcome is already decided and her only hope of justice lies in the European Court of Human Rights. Yet beyond a call for her own personal liberty, does anybody know what Tymoshenko actually stands for, asks Valery Kalnysh?

Kevlar Kuchma and the bullet of justice

Georgii Gongadze, inconvenient Ukrainian journalist, died in horrible circumstance nearly 11 years ago. His murderers may be behind bars, but who gave the order for his killing? Ordinary Ukrainians know – it was (then) President Leonid Kuchma. Despite a new case being opened against him, Valery Kalnysh explains why he will never be brought to justice.

Ukraine: preserving nationhood

Russian-Ukrainian ties may have deteriorated during Yushchenko’s presidency, but his successor Yanukovych is determined to redress that balance. It is crucial that Ukrainians continue to feel they are a sovereign nation, maintains Valery Kalnysh.
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