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About Victor Youmbi

Victor Youmbi works for an NGO in Cameroon. Programme D’Animation des Quartiers operates in the shanty towns helping out socially excluded members of society.

Articles by Victor Youmbi

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Bad seeds

The combination of artificial borders, repressive leaders, and poverty creates great problems for African people seeking fairness and freedom. In the age of terrorism, religious zealotry adds dangerous fuel to the mix. Is violence in Nigeria an augury of the continent’s future?

The WTO, or how patenting crushes Africans

From Cameroon, a passionate cry of protest against the global intellectual property system that holds African citizens in the chains of poverty.

Africa dreams Abrahamland: shanty-town voices on Israel-Palestine

For one informal gathering of the urban poor in Cameroon, long hours and empty stomachs are filled with animated discussion of violence in the Holy Land. Victor Youmbi, passing by, listens in.

Africa: rushing for the exit

Africa’s economic collapse and corruption mean that Europe’s efforts to stem immigration from the continent will remain futile until the underlying causes are addressed.

Iraq: Through African eyes

Battling power cuts to get onto the internet, our correspondent in Cameroon reports on the war in Iraq seen from an African point of view, and voices a plea, and a warning to Anglo-American belligerence.

Another Cameroon is possible!

The benefits of globalisation are hard to see in Cameroon. The deprivation of the rural majority, says one of its social activists, is reinforced by the venality of the World Trade Organisation, giant corporations, and local politicians. The answer? Cameroon people must learn from the vibrant protest movements of India and Latin America, and imagine themselves into a better country.
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