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About Vidhya Ramalingam

Vidhya Ramalingam is Research and Policy Manager at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, where she oversees a programme of work on Far-Right Extremism and Intolerance. She set up and runs the FREE Initiative (Far-Right Extremism in Europe Initiative), a new resource that offers practical guidance on how to take action against violent far-right extremism.

Articles by Vidhya Ramalingam

This week’s front page editor

Rosemary Bechler

Rosemary Bechler is the mainsite editor of openDemocracy.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Policing the far right

The right police tactics can have a major impact on far-right groups and how they affect communities. How should we police the far right? (Video, 2 minutes)

Empowering targeted communities

Communities that are targeted by far-right extremists may feel fear, powerlessness and frustration. Many survivors of far-right violence are still fighting for justice. How can we empower these communities and give them a voice? (Video, 2 minutes).

Dealing with extremism online

What are the human impacts of far-right extremism? Hear perspectives from a survivor of far-right violence and a former far-right extremist (Video, 3 minutes)

Speaking against prejudice

Engaging with those who have racist or prejudiced views is important, but it needs to be done the right way. Here’s how to have conversations with them and challenge these ideologies. (Video, 2 minutes)

How to approach extremists

Working with extremists to disengage them from acts of violence should be done by trained intervention providers. Hear from them about how it can be done. (Video, 2 mins)

Why we should be concerned

What is the scale of the problem of far-right extremism in Europe? (Video, 2 minutes)

The human face

What are the human impacts of far-right extremism? Hear perspectives from a survivor of far-right violence and a former far-right extremist (Video, 3 minutes)

Introducing this week’s theme: Confronting Europe’s problem with far-right violence


This week's guest theme addresses a violent issue which has often been overlooked in Europe. Far-right extremism is often relegated to a second tier security threat due to the tendency to see these groups as irrelevant to inquiries into national security and terrorism. But we should be wary of this.

Britain's radical right: electoral failure but success on the streets ?

The BNP's latest electoral defeats are no indication that the attraction of its ideology has faded away. New social movements in Britain are seeking to impart change through extra-parliamentary means.

Europe’s radical right: recognising and managing the ‘threat’

Safeguarding communities and nations from the potential threats of radical right narratives is not about controlling or prohibiting their political parties: but about bridging gaps between political leadership and communities.

Confronting ‘extremisms’: the cautious way forward from the Norwegian tragedy

It is too easy to brand terrorists with labels. We need to consider, in depth, the reasons behind people’s actions - remembering that psychology can play as much of a role as ideology
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