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About Viktoria Lomasko

Viktoria Lomasko is a Russian artist. She produces works of graphic reportage, and has lectured widely on the technique. As an artist-correspondent, Lomasko’s works have featured widely in Russian media. Her works have also featured in exhibitions worldwide, whether in street displays (OccupyAbai) or the Russian Museum. Lomasko’s best known works are Forbidden Art (with A. Nikolaev) and A Chronicle of Resistance, a series of graphic reports on opposition protests. She is a co-author of two large collective projects: Drawing the Court and Feminist Pencil.

Articles by Viktoria Lomasko

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

The green shoots of Russian grassroots activism (part 2)

Our story on Russia’s grassroots activism continues. From Moscow’s parks to federal highways, ordinary citizens learn the power of protest  and of solidarity.

The green shoots of Russian grassroots activism

What do two Moscow parks and a truck drivers’ trade union have in common? They have been the focus of protests that have shown that the Russian public may be losing its traditional passivity.

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