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About Vladimir Zvonovsky

Vladimir Zvonovsky is Samara based sociologist and pollster. He is president of the Social Research Fund (

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Julian Richards

Julian Richards is managing editor of openDemocracy.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

What do Russians think of their ‘foreign agents’?

In Putin’s Russia, NGOs funded from abroad are now officially considered ‘foreign agents’. However a recent poll suggests that the Russian public’s attitude to them is rather less one-sided. Vladimir Zvonovsky reports from Samara. 

Russia: is change really inevitable?

Very many people inside (and outside) Russia would like to see a change in the current way the country is governed. The protest movements that were formed after the recent elections made this appear a real possibility, but that was then. What now? Vladimir Zvonovsky considers four scenarios.

Can President Medvedev make the earth move?

President Medvedev’s announcement that he is considering reducing the number of time zones in Russia has evoked a sense of déjà vu in Samara. Previous attempts have all failed and Medvedev would do well to think hard before proceeding, warns Vladimir Zvonovsky
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