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About Vyacheslav Kozlov

Vyacheslav Kozlov is a journalist for daily newspaper KommersantHe writes on international relations, nationalism, extremism, narco-politics, the Russian opposition and the problems facing Russia's NGOs. He has at various times worked for Vremya Novostei, Moskovskiye Novosti and the online publication His work has also appeared in Novaya Gazeta and 

Articles by Vyacheslav Kozlov

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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Knocking back Russia’s nationalists

The conflict in Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea has brought the Kremlin and Russia’s ultra-nationalists closer together. Recent prosecutions show that their ideas still have the government worried. на русском языке

Will the patriotic stop list kill Russia’s NGOs?


Since 2012, Russian NGOs receiving funding from abroad have had to register as ‘foreign agents’. A new patriotic stop list might shut funding off forever.

Working in the Gulag


Russia’s Prison Service, the FSIN, wants to put inmates’ employment on a more businesslike footing, but their working conditions are still more like slave labour.


How Russia is coping with its Ukrainian refugees

2472872 RIA CROP.jpg

Russia has almost the same number of Ukrainian refugees, as Ukraine has internally displaced persons. But what are the authorities doing? на русском языке


Legal limbo in Crimea

Judges, prisoners and drug addicts are all in legal limbo in Crimea because the judicial status of Russia’s new territory is still far from clear.

RuNet: politics before profit

With most of the Russian media under Kremlin control, the internet has been a popular source of independent information. But now this window may be closing, with major online news sites blocked by the authorities.

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