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Wendy Savage is co-chair of Keep our NHS Public.

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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

‘We fight on to defend the NHS in England’

The coalition’s Health and Social Care Bill is enacted despite deep public unease and unprecedented opposition from medical professionals. Campaigners fight on

If you like Virgin Rail, you’ll really love Virgin Care

The rebranding of Britain's Assura Medical as 'Virgin Care', "health management company", is a grim indicator of the future for the NHS. Wendy Savage reflects on the cheerful Richard Branson's attempt to cash in on the 'marketisation' of England's National Health Service.

“Summit of the willing” puts Cameron at centre of NHS storm

PM invites unidentified supporters of Health and Social Care Bill to No 10

Debunking Lansley: on patient choice and the NHS reforms

Professor Savage drafted the 'Good Medical Practice' guidelines. Here, she argues that the Coalition's health reforms will prevent doctors in England from fulfilling their duties to their patients.

Saving the NHS: the fight goes on

Despite the deluge of coverage in England about the fate if its National Health Service there is a lack of alertness from journalists and opposition MPs about what is actually being proposed, changed or staying the same. Professor Wendy Savage exposes deceit in the government’s revisions to the Health and Social Care Bill

The NHS Bill: take action on an unprecedented pause

Professor Wendy Savage argues that the pause in the passage of the Health and Social Care Bill, which claims to reform the NHS, is just a cynical PR exercise — but citizens should exploit it and act now to save the NHS

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