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About Zahra Ali

Zahra Ali is a sociologist, her research explores women and gender issues in relation to Islam and the Middle East, as well as contemporary Muslim communities and Islamisms. Sheis an assistant professor of sociology at Rutgers University. Her recent research explores contemporary Iraqi women’s activism through an in-depth ethnography of post-2003 Iraqi women’s political groups conducted in Baghdad, Erbil and Sulaymaniyah and a study of women’s social, economic and political experiences since the formation of the Iraqi state. She is the author of the bookWomen and Gender in Iraq: between Nation-building and Fragmentation”  published by Cambridge University Press in 2018. She also edited Féminismes Islamiques, first collection on Muslim feminist scholarship published in France (La Fabrique editions, 2012), translated and published in German (Passagen Verlag, 2014). You can find her webpages here and here.



Articles by Zahra Ali

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Iraq’s protest movement reveals the failure of the post-2003 regime

While Iraq is experiencing its fourth week of mass protests, it is essential to understand not only their direct causes but also the economic and political dynamics they reveal. العربية

Iraqi feminists mobilise against sectarian laws

The sectarian personal status code comes in a context marked by social and religious conservatisms, sectarian conflicts, political instability and the absence of a strong unifying state.

Young grassroots activism on the rise in Iraq: voices from Baghdad and Najaf

Through banners and slogans, grassroots groups find new, inclusive ways of being Iraqi in a country traumatised by authoritarianism, occupation and sectarian war.

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