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About Zainab Mahmood

Zainab Mahmood is a freelance journalist based in Karachi, Pakistan.

Articles by Zainab Mahmood

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Cameron was right: Pakistan has some soul searching to do

The outrage at David Cameron's criticism of Pakistan's role in combating terrorism hides the truth: Pakistan is a fractured society in need of rediscovering a sense of unity with which it can defeat the Taliban, argues Zainab Mahmood.

The US-Pakistan relationship: towards real accountability

In the wake of the foiled bombing of Times Square and attacks on Pakistan's minorities, Pakistan cannot be given a blank cheque in its fight against extremism.

It tolls for thee

After attacks on mosques last month left almost a hundred Ahmadis dead, Pakistan must decide what kind of nation it wants to be. Choose wisely, implores Zainab Mahmood.

Shazia Khalid and the fight for justice in Pakistan

Shazia Khalid talks about the challenges facing Pakistani women in achieving equal rights and justice, following her own rape and attempts by the government to silence her.
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