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About Özgür Özvatan

Özgür Özvatan currently works as a lecturer in Social and Political Science at the Humboldt University of Berlin and is a research fellow at the Berlin Institute for Integration and Migration Research (BIM). He is a PhD candidate in the International Doctoral Program of the Berlin Graduate School of Social Sciences (BGSS). His research interest include European party politics, EU-Turkey relations, and the far-right.

Articles by Özgür Özvatan

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Thomas Rowley

Tom Rowley edits oDR.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Feminism gone bad? Women’s organisations and the hard right in Germany

What kind of campaigning could outweigh the increasing power of implicit and explicit alliances by far-right actors and certain anti-Muslim German feminists?

German-Turkish tensions in a collapsing Jamaica coalition

While the Turkish narrative in the close-alliance-cum-uneasy-stand-off between Germany and Turkey remained constant over the past decade, momentous changes have now occurred to the German political system.

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