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About Zita Cabais-Obra

Zita Cabais-Obra is a an activist for the defence of domestic workers' rights in France. She arrived in France from the Philippines in 1994, and she is a unionist at the French Democratic Confederation of Labour in the region of Paris since 2000 and a part of the Syndicat des Assistants Maternels et Salariés des Services A la Personne Ile de France.

Articles by Zita Cabais-Obra

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

En quête de reconnaissance: les travailleurs domestiques se mobilisent en France

Malgré les avancements importants accomplis par le mouvement syndical en France, le gouvernement français se doit de reconnaître (enfin) le travail des employés domestiques. English

From anonymity to recognition: domestic workers organise in France

While unions in France have made significant strides in the advancement of domestic workers’ labour rights, the French government needs to fully recognise domestic labourers. Français

“And we continue to meet”: domestic workers stand up in France

In a realm where many employers ignore their responsibilities, domestic workers’ best chance is to empower themselves.

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