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Erica Chenoweth is assistant professor at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies and an associate senior researcher at the Peace Research Institute of Oslo. She is the co-winner, along with Maria J. Stephan, of the 2013 Grawemeyer Award for Ideas Improving World Order for their book Why Civil Resistance Works: The Strategic Logic of Nonviolent Conflict (Columbia University Press, 2011).


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Niki Seth-Smith is a freelance journalist and contributing editor to 50.50.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Changing sides doesn't always make for transformation — just look at Egypt

What is the best kind of defection? During Egypt's recent turmoil there was too much collusion between nonviolent people power and security forces. Instead, civil resistance campaigns should focus on producing shifts within several different elite groupings. This is the second article in our "Transformative Nonviolence" series with Waging Nonviolence

Does terrorism work?

In their study, "Challenging Goliath: Comparing the Relative Strategic Effectiveness of Violent and Nonviolent Asymmetric Warfare", Dr. Maria Stephan, Director of Educational Initiatives at the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict, and Dr. Erica Chenoweth seek to examine the successes and failures of different asymmetric means of warfare - in which a weaker non-state actor challenges the state. In doing so, Stephan explains, they aim to assess "the relative strategic effectiveness of different asymmetric warfare types (i.e. guerrilla warfare, terrorism, and non-violent conflict), and look at the extent to which these groups have achieved their stated objectives".

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