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About Ivan Sukhov

Journalist of the independent Moscow newspaper Vremya Novostyey, Caucasus expert. Appears frequently on Radio Liberty, BBC Russian Service and opposition radiostation Ekho of Moscow.

Articles by Ivan Sukhov

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Rosemary Bechler is a mainsite editor of openDemocracy

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Kyrgyzstan and Georgia: two very different countries

In the run-up to municipal elections in Georgia, Ivan Sukhov points out that Tbilisi has a lot less in common with Bishkek than the Georgian opposition might like to think

Abkhazia prepares to vote

Presidential elections are looming in the Abkhazia, the breakaway republic which Russia recognised as an independent state after the Georgia war. This time, Russia has backed off from playing a candidate, says Ivan Sukhov. But whatever the outcome closer integration with Russia will continue.

Crunch time in the Southern Caucasus

Moscow has reacted hysterically to NATO's military exercises in Georgia. Turkey's rapprochement with Armenia worries it too. As things hot up, Russia may well intervene to grab Georgia's pipelines, warns Ivan Sukhov.

Russia-Georgia rapprochement? Get real

It is wishful to dream of rapprochement between Russia and Georgia following last year's war, argues Ivan Sukhov. Any lasting solution depends on all parties accepting the concept of multi-ethnic nationhood. Arguably, no post-Soviet republic does, including Russia.

The Ingush dilemma

Following the Georgia war, Russia is proposing itself as powerbroker in the South Caucasus, while ignoring security problems in the Russian North Caucasus. Russian journalist Ivan Sukhov reports on the situation in Ingushetia, where people are celebrating the dismissal of their president Murat Zyazikov.

Russia: how the new ‘cold war’ plays at home

Russia's war in Georgia has killed Medvedev's hopes of reform. But recognition of independence for Abkhazia and South Ossetia could foster trouble across the ethnic patchwork of North Caucasus, particularly among the Muslims

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