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Jon Worth is a blogger and online campaigner based in Berlin. Twitter: @jonworth

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

It's time to get the “national interest” out of the UK's European debate

As long as the British debate about the EU is framed only in terms of the "national interest", a meaningful and nuanced discussion will be impossible. Stop using the term, “national interest”.

Reforming the European Parliament

European Parliament

Jon Worth, a former President of the Young European Federalists turned political communications consultant, as well as a leading EU blogger, takes a look at the difficulties of ensuring fairness in EU representation, and offers a suggestion for reform:

The European Parliament is trying to decide how numbers of MEPs will be allocated between different Member States in the future. The Severin-Lamassoure idea is there should be 750 MEPs, with 6 per Member State, and a maximum of 96 for the largest country. Seats for the countries in between will be allocated according to "degressive proportionality".

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