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Video of the Tomorrow's Europe event

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A freelance writer and editor based in London, J Clive Matthews is Managing Editor of openDemocracy's EU and deliberative democracy blog, dLiberation.

In the real world he has co-authored two books and edited numerous others (ranging in subject-matter from movies to modern Russian politics), been acting editor on a glossy history and travel magazine, editorial consultant for a big name women's magazine, a freelance news editor for AOL UK, worked in both the House of Commons and the European Commission, and contributed to publications as diverse as Starburst and the Times Literary Supplement.

Best known as Nosemonkey online, he has been blogging about British and European politics daily for several years both at his own blog and sites like The Sharpener, General Election 2005 (now defunct), AgoraVox, France 24 and the Washington Post / Newsweek's Postglobal, as well as about movies for the BBC, and has been shortlisted for blog awards by the likes of the Guardian, Deutsche Welle International and the Weblog Awards, amongst others.

Often in French, but still - from French station TF1. It should give a good indication of what it was like to have so many different nationalities all crammed together:

A general overview, including an interview with Professor Fishkin

Friday's introductory session, in multiple languages, mostly dubbed into French when not originally French

The first expert Q&A, as above - hope your French is good...

The best of Saturday - the Jobs & Pensions Q&A, now in multiple languages, not dubbed into French

Saturday afternoon's Q&A - the first to look at foreign affairs. Note that you need to skip in about 17 minutes before anything starts happening with this one, the rest is just the chamber filling up...

Sunday's Q&A - again on foreign affairs. This one was conducted mainly in English, and had one of the best panels (featuring as it did David Trimble, the Bulgarian Prime Minister, the Italian Finance Minister and decent Danish eurosceptic MEP Jens-Peter Bonde) - but has now been dubbed into French...

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