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Practical proposals to reform the police

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Over at Centre Right Graeme Archer has posted a practical set of proposals for bringing the police under control (hat-tip Sunny):

  • All police officers at public demonstration must keep their ID visible at all times.
  • No police officers at public events should ever be dressed like a terrorist thug. No balaclavas. Such dress is ridiculous when the officers concerned are upholding public order, not carrying out surveillance.
  • Anti-Terrorism must be given a seperate directorate to the metropolitan police duties. Then the latter can be devolved properly to the Mayor and to the borough police authorities. This confusion over who can sack coppers is ridiculous. I vote for the Mayor. I want the Mayor to be able to sack Met leaders who fail.
  • Borough commanders should be answerable to a directly elected borough police "sherriff" and be sackable by that elected representative.
  • ACPO should be abolished. It's a money-making firm that spends its spare time cheer-leading for the authoritarian wing of the Labour Party.
  • Just as the storage of DNA from wholly innocent citizens is an outrage, so is the routine video-ing of members of the public by police officers. This must stop.
  • In contrast, members of the public must never be prevented from recording the activities of police officers.
  • Looks like a strong list to me and good to see the supportive comments that follow. To this list I'd add:

    1. An end to the practice of “kettling” peaceful protesters as a tactic to deal with demonstrations where a “breach of the peace” is suspected. The practice is provocative, counter-productive and almost certainly a violation of human rights.
    2. An end to the use of catch-all anti-terror powers to harass and intimidate protesters.

    What do OK readers make of the list? Is there anything you'd add?


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