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It shouldn't happen to a Muslim

About the author
Tom Griffin is freelance journalist and researcher. He holds a Ph.D in social and policy sciences from the University of Bath, and is a former Executive Editor of the Irish World.

Tom Griffin (London, The Green Ribbon): Channel 4's Dispatches strand marks the third anniversary of the 7/7 London bombings at 8 PM tonight with a documentary by Peter Oborne which asks whether the attacks have fuelled the rise of intolerance against British Muslims.  

He discovers that for many in the Muslim community, Britain is becoming a very frightening place. Dispatches meets a range of British Muslims who now live in daily fear, some because their homes are constantly vandalised, others because they or family have suffered devastatingly violent attacks.

Oborne has also written a pamphlet, Muslims under Siege, which is due to be published by Democratic Audit on Wednesday. Stuart Weir has flagged up some of its findings here.

Oborne's case is backed up with polling data from ICM and an analysis of press coverage by the Cardiff School of Journalism. It adds up to a compelling indictment of the state of Britain's debate about Islam.

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