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Help me online annotate Jonathan Zittrain's new book

About the author

Tony Curzon Price was Editor-in-Chief of openDemocracy from 2007 to 2012, where he is now contributing editor and technical director. He blogs at

JZ has written an important new book: "The Future of the Internet (and how to stop it)". The PDF can be downloaded here, and you can buy it here But it has a beautiful HTML edition here.

This really inspires me to do something I've been looking for an opportunity to do for a long time --- do a group online annotation of an important book. If you'd like to join in, please email me and I'll tell you how we'll go about it.

I blogged a lecture I saw JZ give on the topic, here. You can see the passion the subject aroused by looking at the Slashdot thread it provoked. This is important stuff.

It will center around using, rather than the note-taking feature on the HTML edition, because of diigo's nice research-centered features.

Email me to join in --- when we're done we'll have a digest of the book and a trace of our commentary and opinion.



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