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Constitutional conventions: best practice

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Introducing this week's theme: New Turkey and Old Troubles

On April 16, 2017, Turkey endured one of its most problematic referendums in its history, not so much a new beginning as an important turning point in Turkish history. This week we explore its implications and effects.

Trump is a global anomaly rather than the new normal

But, in the Republican Party, he is utterly representative: the symptom and not the disease. 

Corbyn, and an election surprise

A fresh approach to security and austerity highlights the choice for Britain's voters.

Redefining the UK general election: it's time to move beyond Brexit

Britons are set to head to polling stations, but Brexit is still dominating debate. Is it possible to avoid a re-run of the referendum and champion social democracy instead?

LGBT lives in Moldova

Four LGBT people from Moldova share their experiences of prejudice and presumptions. Русский

Peace is in the air: is it time to free pacificism from shame?

Enduring wars in the Middle East, sabre rattling between North Korea and the USA – how did pacificism become a dirty word, and is it time for the rediscovery of peace politics? 

I am dead, yet I live

As Twin Peaks returns to television, it’s time to consider the original show’s cult status in the post-Soviet world — and the strange and sad ways in which its legacy lingers. 

Second prison sentence for Russian anti-corruption protester

The Russian authorities are using special methods to force confessions and guilty verdicts from peaceful protesters. Русский

Abandonment, civil life and black rage in Colombia’s port city of Buenaventura

What the government’s responses indicate is that because black lives do not matter, to be heard black protest must to disturb civil life, or be domesticated under the politics of multicultural rights.

How to culture jam a populist in four easy steps

Our organizing principle should be simple: don’t feed polarization—disarm it.