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Tom Rowley is editor of oDR.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

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If we really want to take back control, the UK must push for a 'Controlled Brexit'

A gradual EU opt-out might provide a way of balancing the competing demands of stability and democratisation in forthcoming Brexit negotiations.

The war on cash

Banks, governments and fintech evangelists all hail a 'cashless future' as both inevitable and good. But this isn't a frictionless utopia; it means that banks mediate our lives to an ever-greater extent.

Is Europe's old order too big to fail?

Are the two major party blocs that have dominated European politics since the immediate post-WWII period too big to fail? The evidence suggests not — so what are they going to do about it?

En Haití, la ONU ha puesto en riesgo la salud pública y los derechos humanos

Al no reconocer su participación en el brote de cólera de 2010 en Haití, la ONU socavó las normas de salud pública y violó las normas de derechos humanos que pide a los Estados respetar. English

A flashpoint in South Asia?

“You question India’s territorial integrity, I will question Pakistan’s. You interfere in our internal affairs, we will interfere in yours.”

توسيع مجال العمل المدني يستلزم الإبداع والإدارة الرشيدة

وبالرغم من تقييد مجال عمل المجتمع المدني في بعض الدول، إلا أن المنظمات المحلية لايزال بإمكانها إنشاء علاقات إيجابية بين الدولة والجهات الفعّالة الخارجية. مساهمة من الجدل المطروح على موقع openGlobalRights حول تضييق خناق العمل المدني. EnglishРу́сский

Открытие гражданского пространства требует креативного подхода и тщательной навигации

Даже там, где пространство гражданского общества ограничено, местные организации могут создавать позитивные отношения с государственными и внешними субъектами. Вклад в обсуждение openGlobalRights о закрытии пространства для гражданского обществаEnglishالعربية.

Opening up civic space requires creativity and careful navigation

Even where civil society space is constrained, local organisations can create positive relationships with state and external actors. A contribution to the openGlobalRights debate on closing space for civil societyРу́сскийالعربية

Ossetians in Georgia, with their backs to the mountains

In the shadow of conflicts past and present, Ossetians and Georgians have found ways to coexist. Twenty-five years after the collapse of the USSR, how do they fit into the post-Soviet story?

The revolt of the natives: Britain after Brexit

Brexit creates an opening for change in Britain, but who will rise to the challenge and how? Anthony Barnett introduces his forthcoming book