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Phoebe Braithwaite is openDemocracy’s submissions editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

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Breaking the cycle of expulsion, forced repatriation, and exploitation for Rohingya

Demanding the ‘right of return’ for Rohingya eases the way for countries to forcibly repatriate them back to Myanmar. Again.

Ayotzinapa three years later: new light, few answers

A reconstruction of the events surrounding the disappearances of the 43 Mexican students has highlighted the mistakes authorities commit. Sadly, we may never get to the bottom of what really happened. Español

Ayotzinapa tres años después: nueva luz, pero pocas respuestas

La reconstrucción de los eventos que rodearon la desaparición de los 43 estudiantes mexicanos ha evidenciado los errores cometidos por las autoridades. Tristemente, parece que nunca llegaremos a saber lo que sucedió de verdad. English

Live and let die? The end of the EU migrant relocation programme

Solidarity and responsibility-sharing in this sensitive policy area are likely to draw increasingly on a more fragmented, unpredictable and bottom up set of principles and modus operandi.

"Gains from AI could mean humans live for leisure some day"

What should we be asking about AI? A chat with Miles Brundage, researcher at the Future of Humanity Institute and specialist in artificial intelligence policy.

The eternal Chancellor

Is Germany ready for a new ‘social contract’, more adequate to the global age? Or does it want to continue under the comfortable protection of a reassuring Mutti?

What will it take to end child sexual abuse in India?

In 2012 new legislation was passed to protect children against sexual abuse. But the gap between the law and ground realities remains large.

Truth, memory and democracy in Latin America

For collective remembrance of crimes to go beyond storytelling and momentary indignation, citizens should be involved in the ideation, creation and dissemination of memory. Español

Verdad, memoria y democracia en Latinoamérica

Para que el recuerdo colectivo de los crímenes vaya más allá de la narración y de la indignación momentánea, los ciudadanos deben ser parte de la proyección, creación y difusión de la memoria. English

The day after the vote in Düsseldorf

Everybody knows that something has changed – even here.