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Constitutional conventions: best practice

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The wall isn’t a state of emergency but a state of exception

The German legal scholar and Nazi ideologue Carl Schmitt described a ‘State of Exception’ as the process by which a sovereign leader can transcend the rule of law in the name of the public good. 

Последняя война

Как проходила и чем обернулась для Советского Союза и его солдат Афганская война.

Can shareholder activism tame the financial system?

Activists are increasingly targeting businesses – from oil companies to gun manufacturers – on the stock market. But can this strategy lead to lasting change?

Johnson & Davis claim chemicals industry will be Brexit winners – so where are the firms clamouring to leave?

Part one of a three-part-series: Will Brexit mean a toxic chemicals BREACH?

How can allies protect communities threatened with violence?

How to avoid the ‘white savior syndrome.’

Levanta, Brazil!

Não está na hora de um grande NÃO? Não só a ele, mas a todo esse cavalo de pau que botou o Brasil voltado para o passado. Español

Sophia de Mello Breyner: when art is not free, people are not free

Poetry is a form of resistance against indignity. The responsibility of the writer is not only to interpret life, but to shape how we understand and inhabit our societies. Português.

Venezuela & Cuba: an exhausted revolutionary?

Venezuela's oil populism is mired in a deep crisis. Cuba is transiting to a capitalist restoration of its own. But Cuba and Venezuela share a certainty: there are no havens to return to. Español

The radical right, immigration and the future of the EU

In the May European elections, the immigration issue will continue to play a role in the expected success of radical right parties.

¿Fin de trayecto?: Venezuela, Cuba y la revolución exhausta

El populismo petrolero de Venezuela está inmerso en una profunda crisis. Cuba transita hacia su propia restauración capitalista. Pero Cuba y Venezuela comparten una certeza: no hay refugios a los que regresar. English