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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Founder, Director and Editor of democraciaAbierta

Constitutional conventions: best practice

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How Russia’s security services target Crimean Tatars as “Islamic terrorists”

In the four years since the peninsula’s annexation, Russian security services have become well practiced at prosecuting Crimean Tatars on terrorism charges. RU

Desperately seeking socialism: why the Soviet Union's left-wing dissidents matter today

This new collection of essays seeks to rebalance our understanding of dissent in the late Soviet Union, drawing attention to democratic socialists from the 1950s into the 1980s. 

Can the Turkish Opposition beat Erdoğan?

The most likely challenger on June 24 is the CHP’s candidate Muharrem İnce who will have an uphill battle.

The terrible price of zero tolerance immigration

The US Attorney General claims these separations are justified by the Bible and will deter illegal immigration, though there is no evidence backing either claim. His is a minority position.

La politización de la justicia en América Latina

América Latina tiene una larga historia de justicia politizada y de política judicializada. Cuando gobiernos y legislaturas sufren una profunda crisis de credibilidad, el papel de la judicatura es ahora central. English

The politicization of justice in Latin America

Latin America has extensive experience of politicized justice and judicialized politics. Today, as governments and parliaments face a deep credibility crisis, the judiciary has become a leading political actor. Español

Colombia and the possibility of modernising democracy

These elections imply that democracy in Colombia will gradually become more normalised, which until now has been marred with violence, structural deficits and a lack of true alternation. Español

Greece: in need of a debt relief that actually works

It’s not too late to steer the Greek economy and the EU towards a sustainable development course for the twenty-first century. There are tools to deliver this. Policy-makers should use them.

¿Por qué parece tan difícil la salida de Ortega/Murillo?

En Nicaragua no se ha logrado todavía asentar la visión de que existen seis millones de personas con capacidad de gobernar los destinos del país. Pero ahora urge convocar elecciones. English

¿Qué puede hacer la izquierda en la era del populismo de derechas?

El nuevo giro a la derecha en Europa plantea una serie de retos difíciles para la izquierda, pero también crea oportunidades. English