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Constitutional conventions: best practice

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Legalising drugs goes hand in hand with peace

Last week the government released its 'new' drug strategy – but there’s nothing new. It's time to listen to the real stories of families who have suffered, and support their demands for reform.

Breaking the poverty cycle through parenting

Is it parenting or the financial situation of a family that can break the poverty trap? Parental confidence is the link between the two.

Liu Xiaobo and the struggle for democracy

A moment of silence for Liu Xiaobo's death, and the cause of personal freedom in China.

Is the world finally breaking its silence on Turkey?

"Members of my staff are sad not just for their friends, but for their country. What will it take for the world to break its silence?"

Идеальный конфликт. Как живут Молдова и Приднестровье спустя 25 лет после войны

Спустя двадцать пять лет по окончанию войны окончательное решение по поводу Приднестровья так и не вынесено. Эта ситуация полностью устраивает верхние эшелоны власти. English

The politics of nudity as feminist protest – from Ukraine to Tunisia

Frontline activists, including women who use their topless bodies as political statements, are gathering in London to deplore threats to free expression worldwide.

Attacks on Russian journalists must stop

A series of assaults on Russian journalists this week accompany a continuing campaign against anti-corruption activists.

An ideal conflict on the Dniester

Twenty five years after the end of the war, a resolution to the frozen conflict over Transnistria seems no closer. This situation suits plenty of people at the top just fine. RU

Праздник непослушания

К какой свободе стремятся участники последней волны протестов? Появилась ли за время, прошедшее с распада СССР, новая личность? Есть ли у протеста политическое будущее? На эти темы oDR поговорил с директором Левада-Центра Львом Гудковым.

Lebanese model an improvable precondition to prevent authoritarianism

The model of Lebanon is indicative of the importance of state weakness, which is possibly a necessary stage for other countries in the region after decades of absolutist domination in the name of the state. عربي