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Islamic State vs Britain

The massacre of tourists in Tunisia's coastal resort of Sousse reveals Islamic State's intention to target Britain. There is more to come.

Transforming ‘beasts into men’: colonialism, forced labour and racism in Africa

European colonisers maintained their workforce with forced labour after slavery was abolished, claiming work would do Africans good. This opened up new dangers to an already vulnerable population.

Undermining indigenous self-determination and land access in highland Peru

While current neoliberal privatisation laws provide for protections to indigenous lands, no formal or informal mechanisms exist for natives to actually enjoy such safeguards.

Greece and immigration: the nadir of European integration

Significantly, centre-left governments also aligned themselves with the conservative majority, providing further evidence for the argument that European Social Democratic parties are incapable of an alternative European leadership.

Parliamentary politics as the hot potato of post-election Turkey: progress or paralysis?

The elections have been widely interpreted as a revitalization of parliamentary politics in Turkey. Yet a paralyzed parliament's inability to tackle key issues may prove the undoing of opposition promises of change.

Wartime rape is no longer kept under wraps in Kosovo

Two recent milestones in Kosovo – an official monument recognising women’s suffering during the Kosovo War, and an art installation commemorating wartime rape – shows that change may be coming to a topic long taboo in the country.

Women of Kosovo: a mirage of freedom and equality

A female President and political discourse that trades in 'gender equality' can't paper over the continued corrosive effects of patriarchy in Kosovo, from property law to social taboos.

Greek referendum: voting for or against Europe?

Why does Syriza say that it wants to stay in the Euro while doing exactly the opposite of what is required to achieve it?, To Potami asks.

To save our health service MPs must stand together and back the NHS Reinstatement Bill

The Bill, which was last week backed by the British Medical Association, seeks to reinstate the NHS based on its founding principles and rid our health service of the inefficiencies and fragmentation of the market. 

All you need is a politics of love

After the US Supreme Court marriage equality ruling, campaigners chanted “love has won” and “#lovewins” was a Twitter trend. What would a broader politics of love look like?