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En Liang Khong

En Liang Khong is openDemocracy’s assistant editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

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"More and better mandarins!": lessons from my adventures as a government minister

Government is weird. And other thoughts after stepping down as Scotland's minister for local government and community empowerment.

En España, los hombres, incapaces para la política de pactos, deben aprender de las mujeres

Mientras los hombres políticos ocupan los titulares de los periódicos, y los debates en la televisión y la radio, a nivel local y regional son las mujeres quienes plantan cara a la austeridad.  (De la serie Anti-Austerity and Media Activism series). English 


De la “clase obrera” a la “gente”: el 15-M y su impacto en el discurso de la izquierda

“Fetichizar el nombre ‘clase obrera’ o el martillo y la hoz es un ejercicio de idealismo”, critica Jorge Moruno, responsable de Discurso de Podemos. English

Will Brexit impact on borders and the control of immigration?

There is now an ever-growing need for immigration and border criminologists to focus on the harms inflicted by racist state policies and practices, and strengthen strategies of resistance.

Iran’s military objectives in Syria and Russia’s contradictory positions

As the US and Russia speak of a mutual agreement over Syria, Iran and Assad are continuing their ruthless slaughtering of the Syrian people.

كراهية السُلّطّة واحتقار الذات

الشرطة هي التجسيد الأكثر قبحــًا للسلطة، لذا فكراهيتها فرض عين. ولكن هذه الكراهية في لحظة ما، تفقدني شعوري كوني إنسانـًا وتصيبني بحالة من احتقاري لذاتي.

ISIS and Israel on the Golan Heights

The Yarmouk Valley is run by ISIS – and left alone by Israel. This is a testament to the complex, cynical and calculated machinations of the actors in this conflict.

Constitutionalizing peace in South Sudan

The constitution-making process must remain wedded to the public interest in the peace process, and not simply the narrow interests of political elites.

The role of the EU in the Syrian conflict

As a new round of Geneva talks is under way, the EU should ensure that the outcome is not merely the result of US and Russian talks.

Cybersecurity: the case for a European approach

The EU objective of developing a cyber ‘soft’ power privileging defence, resilience and civil society, sharply contrasts with national cybersecurity policies developed both inside and outside Europe.