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Rosemary Bechler

Rosemary Bechler is openDemocracy's mainsite editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

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Defeat, disappointment and the glimmer of dictatorship in Russia’s Far East

A regional election has gone badly wrong. Dissecting the Kremlin’s defeat in Primorye shows paths for Russia’s future.

Why the public debt should be treated as an asset

It's time we gave our public debt some respect. 

When is the UK at war?

While a hard and fast definition may prove elusive as the line between war and peace becomes increasingly blurred, lack of clear guidance risks the decision becoming politicised.

Venezuela en el abismo

¿Por qué un país rico puede vivir una crisis económica de magnitud cataclísmica?¿Y por qué, a la vista del desastre, se ponen en marcha programas que no conducen a ninguna parte? Entrevista. English

Venezuela in the abyss

Why is such a wealthy country experiencing such a catastrophic financial crisis? And why, in the light of this crisis, have certain measures been introduced that lead nowhere? Interview. Español

The European Court of Justice as a bastion of democracy and rule of law

The crucial role of the ECJ appears even more important in present times, when things taken forgranted, such as democracy, individual freedom and the rule of law, are in danger.

Political books round-up - 2018 Labour Conference special

Analyses of Corbynism, Trumpism and the legacy of 68, guides to action, cookbooks and childrens books, Mark Perryman welcomes the variety of thinking on offer from Left authors new and old.

Тихоокеанский рубеж Владимира Путина

Отмена результатов губернаторских выборов Приморье и все, что предшествовало этому непростому решению, стало главным скандалом сентября во внутрироссийской политике. 

Job advert: Global Witness freelance investigative journalists

Global Witness are seeking freelance journalists, ideally with some experience of investigative journalism.

Corbyn’s Labour Party, can it win?

The 1960s–70s send a warning to Britain's next left-wing government.