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Constitutional conventions: best practice

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Yarmouk: a late obituary for the capital of the Palestinian diaspora

The story of the Palestinian refugee camp besieged, destroyed, and emptied it of its people before being looted by Syrian regime soldiers.

Big brands: the missing voice in the fight to end gender-based violence at work

New research shows why multinational corporations should support a ILO convention to stop gender-based violence in the workplace.

What we can really learn from Gandhi?

Social struggle calls for true transformation, a trading in of old lives for new.

Letter from London, via Raqqa

How might a young ISIS true believer, back from Syria to the west, see the movement's future? Here, continuing a series of letters, is an imagined answer.

Amidst Brexit chaos, Scotland has had enough of ‘grace and favour devolution’

Scotland’s soft, determined pro-Europeanism, just like that of Northern Ireland, is seen by Brexit England as just another reason to hold entire nations in contempt. 

Homo homini lupus est: trauma, niños enjaulados, y política de refugiados en EE.UU.

Las imágenes de niños aterrorizados encerrados en jaulas perturbaron al mundo. Y entonces Trump sonrió, continuó su cínico show y firmó ante las cámaras una orden ejecutiva para mantener unidas a las familias de refugiados. English

Homo homini lupus est: trauma and child abuse in U.S. refugee policy

Terrified children kept in cages disturbed the world. And then, president Trump, on camera, resumed his cynical show, smiled, and signed an executive order to keep refugee families together. Español

The political censorship of Britain's streets

How unaccountable organisations called 'Business Improvement Districts' are just one of a number of attempts to shut down democratic debate in our towns.

To tackle inequality, we must first understand the exploitation that creates it

A new theory of exploitation is needed to understand the dynamics of exploitation that underpin the growing gap between rich and poor.  

Liam Fox caught in fresh “lobbyists as advisers” scandal

Former Legatum trade chief Shanker Singham takes role with commercial lobbying firm – while also advising key Brexit minister Liam Fox.