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This week Tom Rowley and the oDR team edit the front page.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

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Whom should I marry? Genealogical purity and the shadows of slavery in southern Senegal

Hard choices are made when arranged marriages collide with a slave past.

Syria's wars: a new dynamic

The Israel-Iran antagonism risks fusing with the Russia-United States one.

What’s to be done with Oxfam, part 2?

Is it gratuitous to link the scandal engulfing Oxfam with the need to transform NGOs and foreign aid?

UK diplomats met, talked Brexit with Trump aide linked to Russia probe

More details emerge of controversial meetings between UK foreign office officials and George Papadopoulos.

С чего начинается "Родина"

Авторы спектакля "Родина" в московском Центре имени Вс. Мейерхольда Андрей Стадников и Дмитрий Власик – о роли коллектива в российской истории, Сталине и музыке как способе работы с памятью.

Speaking truth to power is dangerous: the violence perpetrated against Armenian political activists

The women’s protest became dangerous and a threat to the status quo when they questioned and criticized these men’s ability to fulfil their ‘proper’ role.

¿Joven, y en México?: riesgo permanente de desaparición forzada

En México, sea uno culpable o inocente, víctima o victimario, se sabe que lo mejor es alejarse lo más posible de la policía. English

#HeartUnions - why young workers need trade unions more than ever

Can't book medical appointments because of unpredictable shifts? Can't book leave because your boss doesn't like you? The reality of modern work doesn’t have to be this way.

Sri Lanka local elections: the return of Rajapaksa

After his recent win, Mahinda Rajapaksa urged his voters not to attack the losing side, saying: “No matter what they did to us we must set an example”.        

Evangelicals in South Africa are 'broadcasting hate masked as morality'

Christian right groups are adding to an already dangerous environment for women and LGBTQI individuals, by pushing 'family values'  but not for everyone.