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The law has changed

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

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Restoring faith in Armenia’s criminal justice system

As a new government sets the agenda in Yerevan, it is high time to consider the excessive use of pre-trial detention in politically sensitive trials. 

Understanding right and left populisms

Neoliberal globalization has increased both economic insecurity and cultural anxiety. Have theories of populism taken adequate account of such insecurity – key to understanding the difference between right and left populisms?

The lingering legacy of Ebola in Sierra Leone

As the deadly disease appears in Congo, Sierra Leone is still counting the cost of its 2014 epidemic.

Между молотом и наковальней

Казахская диаспора в Китае жалуется на притеснения. Однако правительство Казахстана опасается обсуждать этот вопрос с китайскими властями.

Con- and F-words in the Brexit era

What should post-Brexit governance look like in the UK? What is needed, urgently, is for this to be politically addressed head on.

Problems for the Frente Amplio in Uruguay

The Uruguayan Frente Amplio, a political reference for most Latin American progressives, is perceived as a bulwark against the "turn to the Right" in the region. Español

Problemas para el Frente Amplio en Uruguay

El Frente Amplio, referente político para buena parte del progresismo latinoamericano, es visto como uno de los bastiones que resiste el actual “giro a la derecha” en América Latina. English

Six ways Ireland’s abortion referendum could be hacked this week

Anti-abortion money, Facebook ads and boots-on-the-ground volunteers have piled in from across the world to try and swing Friday’s historic vote. Will they succeed?

How polarized is Colombia?

Presidential candidate Humberto de la Calle, a key figure in reaching the peace agreement with the FARC, on the challenges Colombia faces if it is to preserve democracy. InterviewEspañol

We must protect the lives of people with learning disability

Time and time again, grieving families are left to fight for accountability and expose systemic failings in the care of learning disabled people.