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Alex Sakalis, Editor

Alex Sakalis is associate editor of openDemocracy and co-edits the Can Europe Make It? page.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

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Trump's gift, Taliban's gain

In the seventeenth year of American-led war in Afghanistan, the gap between plan and outcome is as wide as ever. 

Los refugiados climáticos necesitan protección global, con o sin los Estados Unidos

Esta semana, líderes de la sociedad civil de todo el mundo se reunieron en Suva, Fiji, e hicieron una declaración mundial sobre el desplazamiento inducido por el cambio climático. English

Whilst the right-wing press invents ghosts on the left, plutocracy is tightening its grip

When politics becomes the whims and mad schemes of a small minority that only listen to themselves, it needs to be called out - not normalised - by a non-partisan media.

Indigenous social movements: journalism versus activism in times of resistance

Labelling Native American journalists as "activists" simply because of their heritage helps to further diminish the Indigenous narrative.  

Protesta en Kenia: la vigilancia policial represiva y brutal se ha normalizado

Durante el año 2017 Kenia ha presenciado nuevas respuestas policiales violentas a las protestas contra la corrupción y las violaciones de los derechos humanos. Ante esas respuestas policiales ¿cómo están los kenianos ejerciendo su derecho a protestar, y qué se puede hacer para proteger este derecho? English

Commitments and compromises: will the world be able to secure a better deal for refugees?

Refugee rights are reserved for the few lucky enough to evade the sophisticated deterrence regime, while the vast majority of the world’s refugees are referred to a life in semi-permanent limbo.

South Tyrol should not be giving lessons to Barcelona

The governor of South Tyrol recently sent a letter to the Spanish and Catalan presidents highlighting his region's successful statute of autonomy. But things in this northern Italian province are not as rosy as they appear.

"The leadership we want is the leadership that is built from the collective"

Jorge Sharp: "It is a mistake to think that the problem of our cities is just the same as that of other cities, when it is rather a problem which has to do with our national, or even continental, character". Español

“El liderazgo que queremos es el que se construye desde lo colectivo”

Jorge Sharp: “Es un error pensar que el problema de nuestras ciudades es solo el de otras ciudades, se trata de un problema de carácter nacional, incluso de carácter continental”. English

"Politics must be close-up"

Caio Tendolini: "We are experiencing is a crisis of confidence in the established power in the world". Español