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The law has changed

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

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‘Nice Irish girls don’t have sex’ is the old idea at the heart of historic abortion rights battle

Even if abortion is legalised in Ireland, this mindset must be challenged if women are to fully access their reproductive rights.

When the name Yazid is neither good nor bad

Syrians lack a common history and will continue to do so as long as the oral history of each group remains different from the one presented in slogans of national dissimulation. العربية

عندما لا يكون يزيد شريراً أو خيّراً

الحقّ أنه ليس للسوريين، بخلاف ما يُحكى كشعار، تاريخ مشترك ما دام التاريخ الشفوي لكل جماعة مختلفاً عن شعارات التقية الوطنية؛ هذا التاريخ الجامع لتناقضاتهم لم يُعترف به ليُدفن كما يليق به. English

Steven Pinker’s ideas are fatally flawed. These eight graphs show why.

It’s time to reclaim the mantle of “Progress” for progressives.

Lib-pop politics: Italy’s new government is more neoliberal than populist

The fear is that populism, Italian style, has achieved power. But neoliberal policies rule more than ever, tinged with populism, opening the way to Lega’s far-right, racist (and neoliberal) politics. 

“Just be fair”: when does journalism undermine its own reputation?

 “I don't think I have ever seen another media organisation targeted by the full force of the State, as WikiLeaks is.” Interview with Stefania Maurizi.

Oral culture and identity in Syria - Dossier

What are the origins of sectarian consciousness in Syria? Did it appear from nothing or was it always dormant and waiting to erupt? العربية

Intercultural Cities: "Diversity as an advantage"

On World Day for Cultural Diversity what do Barcelona, Montreal, Hamamatsu, Tanger, Haifa, Ballarat and Mexico City have in common?

No todo está perdido en la guerra contra las fake news

El 77% de los colombianos cree que la información que recibe por redes sociales sobre las elecciones de este año es falsa. Estamos frente a una crisis de confianza en donde la sinergia de ciudadanos empieza a tomar protagonismo para combatir fenómenos como las fake news.

Presidential elections in Colombia: polarisation or deterioration of the political conversation?

Political polarisation consists of the amplification of divergence and consequently displacement towards extreme ideological positions. When this intensifies, the centre becomes more narrow, but this is not happening in Colombia. Español