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This week Tom Rowley and the oDR team edit the front page.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

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Last week on OpenGlobalRights: the complexities of being High Commissioner, defending LGBTI in Indonesia, and mapping human rights funding

Last week on OpenGlobalRights, authors debated whether the High Commissioner for Human Rights job is do-able at all, how best to defend LGBTI communities in Indonesia, and why mapping human rights funding can improve advocacy. 

The Middle East’s new donors: rogues or team players?

Turkey and the Gulf monarchies in their savvy, if reactionary, use of aid have become important players in the international donors club.

Brexit means…more arms dealing to human rights abusers

The UK has a long and inglorious history of political and military support for dictatorships. Ministerial statements suggest Brexit will make it even worse.

#WeAreOutiHicks: the fight to end gender-based violence in the construction sector

Women in construction experience some of the highest rates of sexual harassment and gender-based violence. Let’s not forget women like Outi Hicks in the current #MeToo moment.

“She is not a ‘Abid”: blackness among slave descendants in southern Tunisia

Connected first by a slave-master relationship and now by geographical proximity, the ‘white’ and ‘black’ populations of Ghbonton, Tunisia have a complex relationship with each other.

Automation can set us free - but if mismanaged it will leave our democracy in peril

We must start planning now to ensure democracy thrives in the information and network age.

Are Haratines black Moors or just black?

The racialisation of the anti-slavery struggle in Mauritania has created a patchwork of identities and alliances.

On colour and origin: the case of the akhdam in Yemen

The shift towards a collective identity based on race has had major implications for Yemen’s most marginalised people.

“In the skin of a black”: Senegalese students and young professionals in Rabat

Even student and young professional Senegalese migrants have to navigate the legacies of slavery in Morocco as ‘Africans’.

Walking the path of love

Small acts of love have the potential to join together to create a more compassionate society.