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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

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Mental health and artificial intelligence: losing your voice

While we still can, let us ask, "Will AI exacerbate discrimination?" as the productive forces of mental health are restructured within a techno-psychiatric complex. Poem.

¿Puede la política ser compasiva?

Hay que tener valor y determinación para centrarse en el sufrimiento y ponerlo en el núcleo de las decisiones que uno toma. English

Why drug policy is a feminist issue

Like feminism, harm reduction is a philosophy that encourages us to do away with the false distinction between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ women.

Построить дорогу: кто и зачем интегрирует ромов в украинское общество

Через интеграцию ромов украинские общественники пытаются своими силами решить проблему преследований национального меньшинства. English

Reflections on the role of philanthropy in the world of work

If philanthropic foundations want to positively affect the lives of workers, then they should use their money to hold the powerful to account and to help workers be heard. 

Volver al futuro: el trabajo de las mujeres y la economía de los pequeños encargos

Aprender de la historia del trabajo de las mujeres puede ayudarnos a superar la discriminación y mejorar las condiciones laborales en la economía de los pequeños encargos. English

Donald Trump and the politics of emotion

Trump’s ability to create a shared mood among voters was honed in the world of professional wrestling.

Is Yugoslavia an “alien” or are we alien to Yugoslavia?

What is the lesson of the historical sequence of socialist Yugoslavia and its disintegration for our own dystopian moment?

In remembrance of Kristallnacht

On this eightieth anniversary of Kristallnacht, it is our duty not only to stand up against antisemitism, but all sorts of oppression.

Revealed: How Arron Banks’s campaign ‘ambassador’ made his millions in Russia

Jim Mellon introduced Brexit ‘bad boys’ Nigel Farage and Arron Banks, and was a Leave.EU ambassador. He claims he hasn’t been involved in Russia since the 1990s. But our investigation shows he still has major financial exposure to Russian investments.