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The law is changing

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

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Daddy, what is politics?

“Politics is about who gets shafted, when, where, how and why are you asking me anyway?” Between a Washington cynic and a Delhi tycoon, Dominic Hilton sniffs the world’s wind.

On common ground: Peter Porter in conversation

The members of Oxford University are preparing to elect a new professor of poetry, an honoured literary position whose previous incumbents include W.H. Auden and Seamus Heaney. One of the candidates is the versatile, subtle Australia-born author of the song cycle The Voice of Love and numerous poetry collections, Peter Porter. His friend and fellow writer Liu Hongbin talks to him about poetry, patrimony and professorship. We also publish three poems from his latest collection, 'Max is Missing'.

America and the Iraq war, or thinking 'inside out'

The seizure of United States foreign policy by neo-conservatives made possible the Iraq war. The result has been a disaster for the international community. After the Madrid bombs, Spanish citizens sounded the alert. Will Americans follow?

Understanding the insurgencies in Iraq

Will Iraqis unite in revolt against US forces? Beneath the boiling surface of Iraqi anger lies a more complex and fractious reality which points to a different outcome.

Give us hope, not bombs

An Iraqi Kurd who welcomed the US war in his country sees arrogance and force crushing chances for freedom. His view: American occupation policy is dangerously misjudged.

Gosh, Dubya Don't Know!

Awkward silences, sensitive issues, alternative theories - another week in the business of international politics.

A strategy disintegrates

As civilian and military casualties mount, US strategy in Iraq and south-west Asia as a whole has entered a critical period, with potentially dire consequences. But there are no signs of rethinking emerging in Washington.

When beliefs fail

From Iran to China, America to Rwanda, we are all looking for faith in something. But our beliefs can let us down. Disillusion requires reinvention not fanaticism or despair.

The US election from Istanbul

In Washington’s eyes, Turkey is prime strategic territory. But what does Turkey make of the US presidential election? Todd Gitlin on the talk of Istanbul.

Enough revolution

A distinguished Arab commentator says US strategy in Iraq is unravelling. It is time to put aside simplistic caricatures, and think harder about the future of the Iraqi people.