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Alex Sakalis, Editor

Alex Sakalis is associate editor of openDemocracy and co-edits the Can Europe Make It? page.

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Москва оставила Татарстан без языка

Удар по татарскому языку — не единственный, что был нанесен республике Москвой за последний год. English, Татарча

Beyond the scandal: what is Ukraine’s new education law really about?

After three years of discussion, Ukraine has adopted a new framework law on education. It’s only caused more debate. RU

¿Por qué el Estado argentino reprime al pueblo mapuche?

Los recientes acontecimientos en el territorio Mapuche en Argentina sugieren una creciente espiral de represión y violencia hacia los pueblos indígenas del país. English

Will sharing economy save civil society in Latin America and the Caribbean?

Sharing economy has the potential to recreate "communities" in Latin America, a region where most of the population distrusts its neighbors, its government, its community organization and its church. Español

¿Salvará la economía colaborativa a la sociedad civil de América Latina y el Caribe?

La economía colaborativa tiene el potencial de volver a crear “comunidades” en América Latina, donde la mayor parte de la población desconfía de su vecino, de su gobierno, de su organización comunitaria y de su iglesia. English

Moscow leaves Tatarstan speechless

The recent demotion of the status of the Tatar language is one of a growing number of moves made by Moscow against the wealthy and autonomously-minded republic of Tatarstan. RU, Татарча

Five inspirational feminists you should know and honour today

Documenting the lives of departed feminists, and sharing their stories, honours their memories and inspires future generations.

Another lonely Skype Christmas, thanks to the ‘minimum income requirement’?

Meghan Markle might not have to worry about the ‘minimum income requirement’, but if you marry a Brit of more modest means than Prince Harry, you might face years of separation from your partner and family.

Violencia, poder y minería en Perú: ¿cómo Las Bambas ha agravado la represión?

Las manifestaciones de las comunidades locales contra la mina MMG Las Bambas se han enfrentado con la represión policial, destacando un estado que prioriza los intereses comerciales sobre los derechos humanos. English