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Alex Sakalis, Editor

Alex Sakalis is associate editor of openDemocracy and co-edits the Can Europe Make It? page.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

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"Politics must be close-up"

Caio Tendolini: "We are experiencing is a crisis of confidence in the established power in the world". Español

“La política se tiene que hacer de cerca”

Caio Tendolini: “Lo que estamos viviendo es una crisis de confianza en el establishment del poder en todo el mundo. Se manifiesta muy fuertemente en política, pero no solo”. English

Grift, graft, and the Saakashvili show

Anti-corruption intrigue and opposition fanfare are leaving Ukrainians and the west disillusioned with Poroshenko’s politics.

Закон об образовании в Украине: почему языковой вопрос снова встал поперек горла

Спустя три года активного обсуждения Украина приняла новый рамочный закон об образовании. Несмотря на прогрессивность его норм, Европа обратила внимание на закон в основном из-за языка обучения в школах. English

Brexit, Ireland, and the revenge of history

Either Theresa May’s government falls, or Britain crashes out of the EU with no trade deal. May’s squalid deal with Northern Irish hardliners allows no alternative.

Disappeared, dead, injured and detained: why does the Argentine state repress the Mapuche people?

Recent events in Mapuche territory in Argentina suggest a growing spiral of repression and violence towards the country's indigenous peoples. 

VIDEO: Interview with George Kerevan

The economist and former MP speaks to openDemocracy about neoliberalism and the media.

Climate refugees need global protection – with or without the US

This week, civil society leaders from around the world met in Suva, Fiji, and made a global declaration on climate change induced displacement. Español

#Tech4Worse: The problem with digital labour initiatives for the Middle East

Contrary to their marketing, digital labor schemes don’t work in spite of predicaments like the occupation or the refugee crisis - they work because of them. 

Immobility as protection in the regime of immigration controls

Immigration regimes have never been about ‘protecting migrants’ – they are and always have been about maintaining power over them. When will we starting naming them for what they are?