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The poisoned chalice

Part two of the insider view of negotiations between Greece and the Eurogroup. When is a rescue not a rescue but a seizure of assets? Interview. - free thinking for the world

The poisoned chalice

Part two of the insider view of negotiations between Greece and the Eurogroup. When is a rescue not a rescue but a seizure of assets? Interview. - free thinking for the world

Fighting the wrong battle: Central Europe’s crisis is one of liberal democracy, not migration

The hostile response of central and eastern European heads of states to the prospect of accepting Syrian refugees is emblematic of a wider problem of democracy and liberalism in these countries.

Walking in the sun: refugees on Samos island

The issue of making refugees walk 20 or 25 kms in the blazing heat is just one example amongst many that demonstrates the casual cruelties which are routinely inflicted on the refugees who arrive on Samos.

Watching Labour: a European perspective

How is the Labour leadership contest being viewed from Europe?

The EU’s disastrous status quo

The risk is of losing on both fronts, on a national level and a European level, where elections go by without shaking off the suspicion of usurpation.

Europe’s refugee crisis: bridges, not fences, are the answer

The inability of the European Union to agree a meaningful response to the current migrant crisis is not only disgraceful, it risks defining the Union’s legacy as a spectacular failure. 

The answer to the refugee crisis? A return to European ideals.

The refugee crisis is symbolic of the political crisis in Europe. To avoid systemic collapse, Europe must return to solidarity and protecting those fleeing war and persecution.

The poisoned chalice

Part two of the insider view of negotiations between Greece and the Eurogroup. When is a rescue not a rescue but a seizure of assets? Interview.

The fatalistic predicament of Ukraine

If Ukraine is so important for the EU, then why does the EU do so little to assist it?

Catalonia's regional elections: scenarios for independence

Should the pro-independence parties win a majority in the regional elections on 27 September, what would happen next? Here are a few scenarios on how the independists may use their popular mandate to secede from Spain.

Another Asia Minor disaster

Greece is a microcosm of the world, complete with money problems and refugees. The EU should be doing more to aid those rendered most vulnerable by the crisis.

The Italian crisis is not Greek

The negotiations leading to a potential way out of the Greek crisis could have been an opportunity for Italy to deal with the dire difficulties of its stagnated economy. Español.

The stench of hypocrisy: a migrant's story

I have been a migrant. I have lived, legally and illegally, in nine different countries. In 1993, I first tried to escape Romania.

Independence from whom? Catalonia's existential elections

Catalonia seems about to become a living laboratory for popular sovereignty in post-crisis Europe. Español.

Greek elections - a chance for consensus or further fragmentation?

What are some of the issues at stake for Greece in the upcoming election?

Is it time for Jews to leave Europe?

Are the Jewish-American writers Jeffrey Goldberg and Leon Wieseltier right when they say that it is time for Jews to leave Europe?

A journey to the end of the Western Balkans

Despite seemingly breaching the Dublin regulation, the EU’s response to Hungary’s anti-migration fence has been limited to a single, prosaic press statement; "We have only recently taken down walls in Europe; we should not be putting them up."

Greece is for sale – and everything must go

Why does this matter? First because it makes no sense to sell off valuable assets in the middle of Europe’s worst depression in 70 years.

From Calais to Kent, what is wrong with how we are talking about the migrant crisis?

Popular discourse on the current migration crisis is dangerous, divisive, and inaccurate since it describes migrants as enemies to fear rather than people to help.

The refugee crisis facing fortress Europe

The ‘humanitarianism’ of military control, detention, and deportation, will not solve the refugee crisis facing Europe. Substantial changes in thought and practice are desperately needed.

Reclaiming the forest: a Romanian story

Since the fall of communism, Romania's ancestral, cultural link to its forests is being undermined by corrupt political and economic interests.

Catalonia: a new country in the making?

A few years ago, independence supporters like me were a minority in parliament. Now I feel we are just a small step away from an independent Catalan state.

"The fence must go!" - reflections on the meaning of Europe's most recent fortifications in Hungary

25 years ago, a fence in Hungary made history. Today a new fence in the country is also making history - but for entirely different reasons.

Charlie Hebdo and the dawn of French McCarthyism

After a short-lived phase of national unity, critics have stressed that France is now more intolerant. Furthermore, since last January, free speech has regularly been under attack by a peculiar brand of "French McCarthyism".

Rough waters ahead for Scotland if the UK votes 'no' in EU referendum

If David Cameron's EU referendum gamble fails and the UK votes 'no', what then for Scotland? Will it be smooth sailing to being an independent country in the European Union or tough battles with London and Brussels?

The performative dialectics of defeat: Europe and the European left after July 13, 2015

The inherent contradiction in Syriza’s vision - insisting both on ending austerity in Greece and staying in the Eurozone - does not signpost a logical impossibility.

Greece has become the EU’s third protectorate

The EU looks increasingly like an empire, having just created its third protectorate in the Balkans. Greece will effectively be run by the EU the way Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina already are. 

Cities of sanctuary

Possibilities for hope and solidarity arise when we stop viewing asylum seekers and refugees as 'burdens' and start seeing human beings. Moments of crisis also offer opportunities.

David Cameron’s hypocrisy on Muslim radicalization

If Cameron was serious about countering extremism, what better person to allow into the UK than Jeenah, who has much to say about the contributions of the west to the problem?

Why on earth would leftists go out of their way to support Cage?

Max Farrar responds to this article, and its authors respond in kind. What exactly is Cage, and how should it be treated?

The materialist turn in Polish politics

Could two surprising new political parties - and Razem - shake up the conservative political system in Poland?