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DiEM25 anti-austerity campaign France 2017

We promised Macron that if he “becomes merely another functionary of Europe’s deep establishment we will oppose him... ” Now the time has come to do exactly that.

Julien Mattia/Zuma Press/PA Images. All rights reserved.

When France was heading the presidential election, DiEM25 published a statement related to Macrons candidacy. We promised to “mobilize fully to help” him defeating Marine le Pen. But there was also another part to our promise to Macron: if he “becomes merely another functionary of Europe’s deep establishment we will oppose him no less energetically than we are – or should be – opposing Le Pen now.”

Now the time has come to do exactly that!

The overall thrust of Macron's labour reforms is to continue the process of “ultra-liberalizing” of the labour market. Governments have been working on weakening workers' rights and protections for at least a decade, in particular during the Hollande presidency. The attempted labour reforms of the Valls government were attenuated in parliament after strong opposition in the streets. Macron is now pushing to get labour reform done this year, going much further than Hollande/Valls tried to go. He has proceeded by passing legislation which enables the government to rewrite the labour law.

We - as members of DiEM25 - want to oppose these reforms and founded a task force related to it. Members of the French Provisional National Committee (PNC) are working right now on an analysis of the neoliberal reforms in France. In the long term, we want to put these reforms in the context of similar reforms which have taking place in other European countries and creating a chronicle of neoliberalism in Europe.

But we wouldn’t be a movement for democracy in Europe if we were just working on papers and not using actions to oppose these kinds of tendencies in France and elsewhere! 

That’s why we are informing you today of our plan to take action and start a solidarity campaign for the people and their protest in France. What we imagine is to show our solidarity on a European wide scale and for this we collected the following recommendations of how you - as member of DiEM25 or member of a local DSC - can participate.

The start of the campaign will be the 12th of September 2017, the day the worker unions begin to strike in France. Simultaneously we want to send them our solidarity. The task for the DSCs will be to organize local actions. These actions can be, for example:

-               a small demonstration in front of the French embassy or another symbolic place which is typical for your location with signs and banners

-               paint the ground of a public space in your town or city with statements, wishes or greetings to the French protesters

-               share pamphlets or flyers to passers and inform them about the issue and try to put this in the context of neoliberal reforms in your own country

-               organize an information booth

-               or maybe you have even better and more creative ideas than our recommendations, it is up to you!  

Please take pictures or videos of your actions and share it with the public and with us! If you have connections to other political groups or parties on your local level, invite them to join you. It doesn’t matter if you are 10,000 people or 2 people. It is important to show that we are here and stand up with the people of France.

Make solidarity great again!

Signed by DSC Leipzig, PNC France, DSC Lyon, DSC Paris, DSC Copenhagen, DSC Berlin

About the author

The Democracy in Europe Movement 2025, or DiEM25, is a pan-European political movement launched by former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis. Their movement aims to reform the European Union's existing institutions to create a "full-fledged democracy with a sovereign Parliament respecting national self-determination and sharing power with national Parliaments, regional assemblies and municipal councils".

DSCs (DiEM25 Spontaneous Collectives) are groups of volunteers who organise local DiEM25 events and actions. Anyone can start a DSC and start to promote DiEM25 locally, with only few, common-sense rules on how to use the DiEM25 name.


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