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Has the Scottish referendum opened the door for other independence movements in Europe? Who will be the next to vote?

Rome and its fear of dissent

South Tyrolean separatists were recently denied the chance to express their discontent in the capital.

French regional elections: what hope for regional movements?

France's new regional reforms seem designed to hurt regionalist parties in one of the EU's most centralised countries. Do Alsatian and Breton parties stand a chance on December 6?

Catalonia: a new country in the making?

A few years ago, independence supporters like me were a minority in parliament. Now I feel we are just a small step away from an independent Catalan state.

Nagorno-Karabakh: European dreams

The Nagorno-Karabakh Republic has managed to pursue a dynamic European and global foreign policy. Not bad for a country that doesn't officially exist.

Korrika: the world's biggest language festival?

On March 19, hundreds of thousands of Basque citizens will participate in an initiative that passes a baton from hand to hand without interruption; the same baton that has become a symbol of the Basque language itself.

Connecting the Basque and Icelandic cases: an ethnographic chronicle about democratic regeneration

Though they may seem like unlikely companions, both Iceland and the Basque Country undertook unique democratic regenerations following the 2008 global economic crisis.

A silent cry in the crowded streets of Bilbao

Once again, thousands have marched in the city of Bilbao to protest the "policy of dispersal" against Basque prisoners and call for their repatriation.

Podemos: a cat among the pigeons in Catalonia

Podemos supports the principle of Catalan self-determination, but hopes that Catalans would vote to stay in Spain, for a ‘right to decide’ about ‘everything’. This is radical.

French territorial reform: a huge blow for democracy and regional identities

The new territorial reform law that has just been passed by the French parliament is an affront to the feelings and wishes of Bretons and Alsatians.

Independence movements are riding a wave of optimism in Europe

By the time this article is published, SNP membership numbers will have reached 100,000. As president of the European Free Alliance, I have never felt more optimistic about the potential success of independence parties in Europe.

Alsace fights back: a French David vs. Goliath story

For years, the French state has tried to belittle, oppress and finally destroy Alsace and its culture. Now the Alsatians are fighting back.

Fighting for Brittany: autonomy in a centralised state

Events in Scotland and Catalonia have given Bretons hope as they continue to fight for devolution and cultural preservation against the ultra-centralised, anti-regionalist French state.

Minister Boschi, South Tyrol is autonomous and rightly so

The Italian minister publicly claimed she would personally get rid of the country’s self-governing regions – an ill-informed, controversy-stirring populist claim.

What next for independence movements in Europe?

The EU – and its member-states – should not rest on their laurels: these independence movements are only going to get stronger.

After the Catalan vote, Spain needs to buy time

Spain, and Catalonia within it, is now exhausted from an unprecedented and exceedingly destructive economic crisis which has triggered a vast social crisis that has ended up in a serious political crisis.

Catalonia referendum: a reality check

Optimism among Catalans after Sunday's vote should not disguise the significant challenges ahead if anything is to come from their "non-referendum consultation".

Catalonia has voted: now what?

Rajoy's iron-fisted approach to the Catalan question has only made the independence movement stronger. Now he must negotiate or risk losing Catalonia for good.

Catalonia vote: first reactions

Artur Mas was suitably elated at the turnout, while Mariano Rajoy continues to denounce the "referendum" and its leaders.

European integration and the winds of secession

European integration has made secession more viable and less costly. Expect Scotland to be the first of many nations to take their calls for self-determination to the ballot box.

After the Scottish referendum: Corsican contagion?

In the wake of the Scottish vote, Corsicans are trying to gain publicity for their own, often neglected, struggle for self-determination. Could we soon see an independence referendum on this small, Mediterranean island?

Scotland: a big push for Basque sovereignty supporters

Despite the referendum result, Basque nationalists still see Scotland as an inspiration for their own national struggle for self-determination.

Fighting for self-determination in South Tyrol

In 1983, I was first elected to the South Tyrolean Parliament. Since then I have continued to fight for the self-determination of the South Tyrolean people, as our movement goes from strength to strength.

South Tyrol: from secessionist to European dreams

Will the Scottish vote strengthen the secessionist movement in the restive Italian province of South Tyrol?

Now Scotland has had its say, who is next to vote?

The Scottish vote has shown it is possible to have an independence referendum for nations within the EU. So who are the likely candidates to go next?

Catalonia’s sovereignist process: the moment of truth

The breach of the social contract is devastating. And it’s not exclusive to Catalonia and its sovereignist process—it goes much further.

Audio report: Why do Scotland’s young want independence?

An audio report on the generational divide over Scottish independence, talking to experts and young people voting Yes. The first piece in the Precarious Europe project, launched today.

It's not just Scotland. Catalonia and Kurdistan are both fighting for autonomy too.

Movements across the world are fighting for politicial autonomy as a route to build a better society. If Scotland votes yes, it will have profound importance for Kurds and Catalans.

Interview: Leanne Wood - Wales and the spreading of the Scottish rebellion

As Scotland takes a stand against the British State, it's time for the rest of the UK to join in. Is Leanne Wood, leader of Plaid Cymru, the person to lead them?

Time for Cornwall to step up: interview with the leader of Mebyon Kernow

As the Scottish referendum changes the British constitution forever, is there space for Cornwall? Or will it face the continued destruction of local government?

Post-independence in Scotland, Catalonia and the Basque Country: city-regional small nations beyond nation-states

We are witnessing the establishment of a new European regional order, characterised by the presence of city-regional small nations as new key players beyond their referential nation-states.

Catalonia vs Spain, a clash of two nationalisms

By targeting the Mas government, widely portrayed as extremist and irresponsible, and by refusing to negotiate on key constitutional, economic, social, cultural issues, Mr. Rajoy has – willingly or not – been playing into the hands of radicals.

Catalan independence: the necessary choice

After many years of beating our heads against the wall of the Spanish state, trying to reform it into something more multi-national, we’ve come to the conclusion that it is best to simply jump over that wall. Interview with the Catalan National Assembly (Assemblea Nacional Catalana).

Human chain demanding the Basque right to decide gathers 150,000

On the 8 June 2014, thousands of citizens from the Basque Country demanded the right to decide their future by creating a human chain of 123 kilometres between the town of Durango and the city of Iruñea (Pamplona).

Arrivederci, Veneto?

What was behind the "unofficial" referendum on Venetian independence? Why was it so popular? And could we soon be saying arrivederci to Veneto?

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