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A special feature on Podemos.

The populist moment

The 'demos', the sovereign people, has been declared a 'zombie' category and this is why we now live in 'post-democratic' societies. Português Español

Spain’s ousted opposition leader reveals where the real power lies: with the country’s oligarchs

Spain's deposed Socialist leader, Pedro Sánchez, revealed that banks and newspapers secretly pressured him not to do a deal with Podemos.

Back to basics: why Podemos lost support in the last Spanish election

PP and PSOE have an advantage. They are tied to the history of the country, and there is a popular imagination behind them. Podemos, on the other hand, is trying to create something new.

What kind of hope is a promise?

“If progressives focus too much on the institutional sphere, the right wing can take the streets – they’ve done it before. If we don’t, someone else will.” Interview with the author of Hope is a Promise. (5,800 words)

Latin American conquest of the state

A conversation between the political strategist of Podemos and a theoretical referent of the postmarxist left shows the potential impact of the Latin-American political ideas and practices. Español Português

The 'Podemos wave' as a global hope

Podemos’ bursting into Spain’s parliament is a breath of fresh air for the Left, and for the global movements seeking to replicate the Spanish political phenomenon. Español

Spain’s December 20 General Elections: start of a new historical cycle

Being able to foster ‘real’ change in favour of the oppressed while, at the same time, responding to their need for security would be a great achievement for any political entity. Español

Smile again

For those disappointed with the prospects offered to us by the supposed ‘crisis of capitalism’, Podemos represents more than a breath of fresh air; it has been a shot of adrenaline. Español.

Podemos: radical blueprint for democratic reform

Iglesias' party proposes a radical opening up of the state through citizen participation in decision-making, and administration as a weapon against oligarchic power. 

Podemos in the debate of the ‘Left(s)’: elections and aspirations for change at the ‘End of History’

Podemos has not given up on being part of the left, it has simply renounced being part of this left that can be content with losing, time after time. Español.

Intervention at Forum Europa: “Politics should have an ethical basis and be humanistic”

“There is no place for me to speak. And that’s because you have everything tightly controlled. The media is in the service of power, a corrupt power – this has been more than demonstrated.” Español.

On the decaffeination of Podemos as an anti-Establishment force

There is no way of concealing the increasingly open contradiction that exists between Podemos’s ‘upper echelons’ with their statist policies, and the citizens that propel the party from below. Español.

Reversing the inverted pyramid: a brief genealogy of Podemos’ origins and development

The duty of a revolutionary is not simply to win, but to forge the transformation of society, beginning from an ethical transformation of oneself. Español.

Political communication, social transformation and democratic alternatives: critique of the Podemos experiment

To mortgage all political communication to media is a mistaken deal, from a perspective informed by the political economy of communication. Español

Podemos: the schizophrenic road from public squares to the institutions

If they are not going to win anyway, as seems to be the case, would it not have been better to compromise less and work toward a more profound political change as an opposition? Español.

Run Run versus Tick-Tock

In only one year and a few months of existence, Podemos has successfully obliged all the pre-existing parties to incorporate its repertoire of ideas, methods and metaphors. Español.

An assault to the skies: the municipalist movement's affair with Podemos

Podemos mistook their local committees (the celebrated circulos), along with the municipalist initiatives, for mere generators of demands, not places for collective construction and political creativity. Español.

Podemos: instrument, work, subject. Aphorisms

Podemos, rather than being a prosthesis for the 15-M multitude, should be conceived as a weapon it needed to be able to navigate this fluid and unstable historical conjuncture. Español

“Our situation is Quixotic and Machiavellian”: an interview with Podemos’ Jorge Moruno

It takes a lot to get very little, but there is no other option we must open a new way, without the means to do so. We are in the belly of the whale.

TalkReal in Madrid: new Spanish politics

Citizen coalitions have been in power for six months in Madrid, Barcelona, and many more cities in Spain. What are the main take-aways? And what will happen with the Spanish national elections of 20 December? (Video, 32 mins)

The struggle for the centre: a programme for Europe

There is a way of appropriating the centre for the left, without lying and with no populism. This is the card that Podemos has played. Español.

Podemos on education: the education ‘we can’ have

This vision of education forming the basis of the educational model that Podemos proposes is openly opposed to the ruinous policies of privatization that began in Europe in the 1980s. Español. 

Podemos: the challenge in Spain

We need to expand the emancipatory space for what is possible from within a contaminated and contaminant discourse, far removed from pure rationality and a theoretical superiority over ‘the masses’. Español.

Who are we, where did we come from... and where are we going?

Podemos had to reconcile the enthusiasm of all those without any previous experience of political participation with the experience and biases of those who came from activist backgrounds. Español.

Introducing this week’s theme: 'Smile at the Indignados': Podemos' struggle for a new politics

The fate of the ‘purple party’ has fascinated analysts and publics in Europe and beyond since its inception in 2014, because Podemos’ future might easily be the future of the European anti-austerity left. This week's guest theme looks at the party, its origins, roller-coaster short history, and meaning for the future, through the eyes of some of those involved. Español.

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