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Awkward partner or integral member? Can Europe Make it? debates the issues surrounding Britain in Europe and Europe in Britain.

A selection of our best articles on the UK and Europe.

There is plenty to worry about with UKIP beyond racism

Posing as folksy patriots, UKIP are in fact Atlanticist Thatcherites who may not like the EU making our laws but are perfectly happy to watch us ruled by global corporations in the form of 'trade deals'.

Can Europe survive without Britain?

Most commentators have asked, “Can Britain survive without Europe?” Perhaps the opposite question is more pertinent.

Populist snapshots: UKIP (UK) in the European Parliament

This article looks at the basic framing devices of UKIP rhetoric in the European parliament, and some of their debates. It is taken from a Counterpoint series on populist rhetoric leading up to the European elections, including recommendations on how to respond to populist rhetoric.

What does the rise of Ukip mean for Scottish and British politics?

A new national pastime now exists thanks to the existence and rise of Ukip. But even if they win the Euro elections we must be careful in which conclusions we draw, particularly in Scotland.

People getting along well together is never going to make headlines: An interview with Jean Lambert MEP

We catch up with Green MEP Jean Lambert to talk about the work of the European Parliament, 'co-decision', UK media, the youth vote and the 2014 Euro-elections.

I want my country out of this thing: An interview with Gerard Batten MEP

We invite UKIP MEP Gerard Batten to discuss European governance, UK media, the 2014 European elections and the challenges of representing eight million constituents at the European Parliament.

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