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Our coverage of the 2015 Transeuropa festival in Belgrade.

TTIP and the right to protect personal data

Data protection is enshrined in EU law but the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) could threaten that.

Belgrade Waterfront - the dark side of 'urban renewal'

The development project known as the "Belgrade Waterfront" vividly illustrates the mechanisms of dispossession and exclusion in the Serbian 'transition progress'.

Bringing democracy back to environmental politics

Science alone can’t make the tough environmental policy choices our societies face, only citizens can. How can we get them back to the table?

How to change a city from the bottom up: an Italian example

Cambiamo Messina dal Basso - a social movement consisting of ordinary citizens - managed to win power in one of southern Italy's largest cities. So how do you run a large city while staying true to your social movement ethos?

Confronting populism anew in Europe

The re-emergence of right-wing populism constitutes a threat and dilemma not only to the more traditional conservative right, but also to parties of the left.

Homage to Belgrade: reflections on the 2015 Transeuropa festival

Unlike most British people, it seemed that continental Europeans considered the UK to be not just in Europe, but a fairly significant player. Who knew?

The limits of Europe

openDemocracy is partnering with European Alternatives to explore the Transeuropa festival. Here, the Co-President of European Alternatives tells us what he hopes to find at Transeuropa.

Three questions for Andrej Bereta

Three questions for Andrej Bereta, who is speaking about research within contemporary art at the Transeuropa festival 2015.

Three questions for Peter Sunde

Three questions for Peter Sunde, who is speaking about online privacy and digital freedom at the Transeuropa festival 2015.

Looking for European alternatives in Belgrade

openDemocracy is partnering with European Alternatives to explore the Transeuropa festival. Here, two of the organisers explain why they chose Belgrade as the location for this year's festival.

Three questions for Manos Moschopoulos

Three questions for Manos Moschopoulos, who is speaking about migration and the refugee crisis at the Transeuropa festival 2015.

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