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The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is one of the most important and influential trade agreements of our lifetime. So why is nobody talking about it?

TTIP: we were right all along

Attacked and ridiculed, the leak of 243 pages of TTIP negotiations concerning climate, environment and public health prove that civil society organisations were right all along.

TTIP and the right to protect personal data

Data protection is enshrined in EU law but the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) could threaten that.

What we talk about when we talk about TTIP

Both pro and anti-TTIP camps have pitched their tents, but their respective points of reference are worlds apart. We need to be clear about what exactly we're discussing here.

The great rebranding: how the EU tried to fool us into thinking it has removed ISDS from TTIP

The Investment Court System (ICS) proposal is not substantially different from ISDS and the changes introduced to the latter are so minor they might as well not have tried.

Lipstick on the TTIP pig

Corbyn seems less inclined to buy the 'compromises' that TTIP negotiators are selling - which campaigners have labelled 'lipstick on a pig'. But will our national parliaments even get a vote?

The NHS stays centre stage as the political ground shakes

As Labour's newly elected leader throws down the gauntlet on undoing NHS privatisation, the Tory ideological and financial attacks on our health service are escalating.

Getting ahead of ourselves: interview with an anti-TTIP activist

"What I am doing is fighting enclosure. This way of objectifying reality, of not being ‘with’ things, not being with nature, not being with the earth, not being with the ‘other’…" From the Squares and Beyond partnership.

If voting changed anything, they'd abolish it - on trade deals and corporate hydras

The bizarre wranglings of both EU and US politicians on 'trade deals' show they're caught between the rock of public opinion and the hard place of corporate might. Meanwhile other corporate-driven trade deals are being worked on in the shadows.

MEPs' mounting TTIP opposition scandalously silenced ahead of knife-edge US vote

Faced with a possible shock rejection of TTIP by MEPs, Brussels simply cancelled the vote this week – and now Washington moves swiftly to speed up the publicly unpopular trade deal.

The EU has a big vote on TTIP this Wednesday - make your voice heard now

Which MEPs will stand up for national sovereignty and England's NHS? Wednesday's key vote is a crucial test, especially on the hated idea of 'investor courts'.

TTIP - denial in face of defeat

New leaks reveal how our democracy is being traded away behind closed doors under the guise of a 'trade deal' - is TTIP becoming too toxic for any smart politician to support?

Tough to swallow: TTIP’s threat to our food and farming

For the sake of our food and its impact on our environment, TTIP needs to be stopped.

The Free Trade movement's hypocrisy

Free trade advocates preach free market values, but pro-corporate tools like the ISDS reveal a fundamental truth about global free trade today; it is less about ideology than it is profit.

Trans-Pacific Partnership’s Big Pharma giveaway

Out of all big industries making billions in profit, the pharmaceutical is probably the most ethically questionable.

The new Europe may leave TTIP behind

Opposition is building to TTIP and with anti-austerity parties on the rise in Europe, the controversial deal looks increasingly endangered. See more of our TTIP coverage here.

The video European leaders don't want you to see

Just last week, a new leak on the world’s dirtiest trade deal emerged that confirmed our worst fears about TTIP. The deal gives big business unprecedented power over decision-making across Europe. And the losers will be us - European citizens.

TTIP: EU citizens speak out, but will their voices be heard?

Following a public consultation on TTIP, the European Commission received 149,399 responses, of which 97% rejected investor protections or the deal as a whole. But will the EU actually listen?

Troubled TTIP isn't the only 'trade' takeover busting our sovereignty

Even as controversial 'trade' deal, TTIP, sputters, other deals to give corporations as much power as countries are being negotiated even more secretively. 

Does the European Commission understand NO?

Despite an overwhelming rejection from the public, the European Commission wants to plough ahead with the EU/US Trade Deal.

The EU's giant and secretive deregulation blitz

It is not just TTIP, across the board the EU is bowing to business pressure to do away with 'burdensome' regulation - regulation that tends to save lives, protect consumers and ensure standards.

It’s more than just the NHS that’s at risk in Scotland from TTIP

The EU/US Trade Deal poses a threat to Scottish Water's plans to deprivatise failing PFI facilities.

TTIP: the next phase of the austerity agenda

A recent report by the Austrian Foundation for Development Research has critically assessed many of the claims about the supposed benefits of TTIP, finding them to be flawed, unrealistic and ideologically biased. Here we speak with the foundation's director, Werner Raza.

Cameron faces TTIP showdown over NHS

The government is coming under increasing fire for its refusal to remove health services from irreversible privatisation in TTIP.

Labour and TTIP: things just got worse

The Labour Party has just changed its position on TTIP - for the worse.

Trade ministers beg Brussels to remove more national sovereignty

Prime Ministers blame Brussels for, well, everything, But trade ministers have just written to EU President Juncker insisting he removes more of their national sovereignty through secret corporate courts.

TTIP and TPP: harnessing the anger of the people

In parallel to the EU-US trade deal currently under way, the US is negotiating a similar agreement with 11 countries of the Asia Pacific: the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Walden Bello, leading critic of neoliberal and corporate globalisation, identifies the global strategy underpinning the two agreements. Interview.

When the direction of a few reroutes the journey for all

The TTIP can annihilate any work undertaken so far in the European Union on chemicals safety, consumer protection, workers’ rights and climate change.

NHS boss Stevens and the TTIP 'trade' lobbyists who threaten our NHS

New NHS boss Simon Stevens ducks questions about his alleged connection to pro-TTIP treaty lobbyists pushing to open the NHS up further to profiteering US companies.  

Stop TTIP: Occupy Democracy, 17th - 26th October

Nick Dearden of the World Development Movement explains in stark terms what 'trade treaties' like TTIP really do. TTIP will be one area of discussion at Occupy Democracy's time limited occupation of Parliament Square from the 17th - 26th October.

Calm down, dear, it’s only a ‘trade deal’

European Commissioners' and politicians' reassurances about 'trade deals' don't convince. These secretive deals threaten our consumer and labour rights, and our public services including the NHS.

European Day of Action: Together, let's roll back corporate power!

What is the European Day of Action? Why are people protesting against TTIP? A guide to the Saturday, 11 October protests taking place across the continent.

Are we reaching the TTIP tipping point?

The TTIP could be the end of democracy as we know it. Join us for a global day of action this Saturday.

How the European Commission is trying to smother debate on TTIP

The debate on TTIP and CETA is getting tougher. The Commission is willing to do anything and everything to get these agreements passed. The last act was the ridiculous decision not to register the ECI. 

Battle Royal in Brussels - backroom 'trade' deals under fire

Europeans are in uproar at chaotic attempts by the EU presidency to rush through 'secret courts' for investors to sue governments who try to protect their citizens and public services.

The EU-US free trade agreement (TTIP): giving rights to firms, taking jobs from modest communities

If global corporations gain rights, do citizens also? We now know the answer: No.

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