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The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is one of the most important and influential trade agreements of our lifetime. So why is nobody talking about it?

On TTIP and the NHS, they are trying to bamboozle us

The TTIP trade treaty talks re-open in Brussels this week. We should not be reassured by the convenient 'leak' of a private letter between key TTIP advocates claiming the treaty poses no threat to the NHS.

TTIP and the first rule of Fight Club

In Poland, no one (save for the Greens) mentions TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) - the EU-US trade deal - in their Euro-election campaigns. This is a bigger issue than ACTA was.

Allowing corporations to sue governments for changing their laws may be common, but it's not good

Around the world, countries are rejecting exactly the kinds of dispute mechanisms that the EU/US trade deal is trying to foist on us.

Will Labour defend the NHS from the EU/US trade deal?

Andy Burnham and John Healey's statments on the risks to the NHS of the trade deal between the EU and the US seem at odds. Labour should be speaking clearly for the NHS.

The EU/US trade deal is a threat to democracy, but even MEPs don't know what's going on

The Transatlantic trade deal will get rid of vital protections for people in Europe and allow corporations to sue parliaments for passing laws they don't like. Yet even the European Parliament barely knows what's being discussed behind closed doors.

This treaty isn't about 'trade' - it's a fight for public services everywhere

Defeated in Seattle and Doha, US and EU corporations are once more trying to stitch up the global economy in the name of 'trade' - with our public services the biggest prize.

Why this year’s Davos could be bad for our health

EU and US trade barons should enjoy the rarified air of Davos while they can. They have stormy times ahead. 

A transatlantic corporate bill of rights

This week G8 leaders hail the opening of EU/US Free Trade negotiations as 'a once in a generation opportunity' to create jobs and growth. But behind the rhetoric, leaks of the secretive negotiating mandate suggest that its real intent is an undemocratic power grab by corporations at the expense of the public interest, affecting everything from health and workers rights to the ennvironment. 

The upcoming EU-US and EU-Canada trade deals have serious implications for the NHS

After the government pushed through its widely opposed privatisation regulations it is time now to focus on the big trade deals and look to the G8 meeting in June. There is a reason the public are being told nothing about them - because they won't like what they hear.

The real force behind the NHS Act - the EU/US trade agreement

An EU-US drive to harmonise services - particularly health - is critical to the NHS reforms. As the Trade Commission acknowledged, without the financial crash this would not have been possible. Britain's 'shock' programme continues.

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