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A selection of articles relating to the ever-impending accession of Turkey to the EU, examining the relationships between the two as they seem to wait for Godot.

Erdogan against a European Turkey?

Why did Erdogan miss his historic opportunity? Inadvertently? Due to exasperation? Or because, more consequentially, he does not identify with those 'European values' that would force him to respect a country that cannot be reduced to its Sunni, Turkish, conservative majority?

Turkey: looking east and west

The ongoing protests have only emphasised the gap between the Turkish government and the EU, and between Turkey and Arab leaders whose fear of revolt doesn’t necessarily translate into political solidarity with Ankara.

Turkey's twitter generation is its European future

The protests might even help to revive Turkey's moribund accession process to the EU.

Europe’s twin sisters

Russia and Turkey are both former imperial powers with one foot in Europe and one in Asia. Igor Torbakov argues that imperialism is still alive and well in both countries; even as they talk about modernisation, they seem reluctant to leave the past behind.

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