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The human face

What are the human impacts of far-right extremism? Hear perspectives from a survivor of far-right violence and a former far-right extremist (Video, 3 minutes)

The FREE Initiative (Far-Right Extremism in Europe Initiative) has produced a series of short films to showcase the tactics and methods taken by those tackling far-right extremism across Europe. Hear the stories of those who are on the streets having the hard conversations with far-right activists, those who have rid entire towns of neo-Nazi gangs, and those who have pushed hundreds of violent extremists to leave the scene. Listen to the stories of survivors of far-right violence, who share their stories to prevent attacks like this from happening again.

Films directed by: Rino Pucci and Marcos Villasenor

Music: Simon Porter.

About the author

Vidhya Ramalingam is Research and Policy Manager at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, where she oversees a programme of work on Far-Right Extremism and Intolerance. She set up and runs the FREE Initiative (Far-Right Extremism in Europe Initiative), a new resource that offers practical guidance on how to take action against violent far-right extremism.

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