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The Disputed City explores the city shaped by occupation, security or militarised conflict. The section examines the production of sharply demarcated political spaces, where inclusion into the urban public and development process is metered on factors of identity, ideology and broader geopolitical conflicts.

Demotix/Mahmoud Illean

The urban paradox

As Cities in Conflict goes on hiatus, I take a look back at the past fourteen months of publishing articles, film, photo-essays, mappings and infographics on the series, and comment on where urbanism is today: stuck between logics of saviourism and withdrawal.

Nairobi's solution to terrorism: blame the Somalis

Last week’s crackdown on Somali refugees reads like a show of force by a government that desperately wants to hide the cracks in its counter-terrorism efforts.

Kashgar's redevelopment is about more than anti-Uyghur sentiment

While the CCP’s motives for redeveloping Xinjiang's capital are manifold, what seems to be provoking the most anger among residents, is the near total absence of Uyghur presence in decision-making.

Beirut's schizophrenic identity

The Syrian civil war is spilling into Lebanon and drawing Beirut’s schizophrenic sectarian identity to the surface.

Fraudulent democracy and urban stasis in Turkey

Turkey's urban citizens are standing up against authoritarian governance, and for their right to the city, their right to difference, and their right to resist the top-down imposition of moral and spatial orders.

Building resistance in Hebron

In the face of growing securitisation and colonisation of Hebron's occupied old city, a set of community initiatives have emerged which seek to build resistance, protect human rights, and counter the economic and social decline of the area.

Memories of war in the divided city

The dilapidated buildings which dot downtown Beirut are constant reminders of what existed before, what was destroyed during, and what has occurred since the civil war which violently divided the city.

Beirut: the spaces in between

Film: A short film documenting Beirut's dwindling public spaces.

Sheikh Jarrah: The extremes of 'sharing space' in Jerusalem

Photo-essay: Sharing space in divided cities can take many shapes: from tense encounters and confrontations, to active cooperation and social relations. Here Yair Wallach of the Conflict in Cities and the Contested State research group examines Sheikh Jarrah, one of the flashpoints of confrontation in Israeli settlement expansion.

E1: Settlement in waiting

The proposed E1 settlement expansion into the West Bank, recently blocked by Palestinian protestors at the short-lived Bab Al-Shams camp, is likely to not only have serious consequences for a potential Palestinian state, but will also have a crucial bearing for the future of Palestinians in Jerusalem.

On strategies of spatial resistance in Palestine

The recent international coverage of the Bab Al-Shams camp depicted the demonstrators as mirroring Israeli settler tactics by creating ‘facts on the ground’. Whilst the comparison is not unfounded, it fails to contextualize the broader politics of space operating in Palestinian struggles against Israeli occupation.

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