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Thomas Rowley

Thomas Rowley is editor of oDR.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

#EleccionesEspaña2019: Radicalización populista, Cataluña y ascenso de la extrema derecha

España presenta mucha inestabilidad política, con la fragmentación en 5 partidos y la imposibilidad de pactar con unos nacionalistas catalanes radicalizados, que tienen su propia agenda.

¿Qué municipalismo defendemos?

¿De qué estamos hablando exactamente a día de hoy cuando hablamos de “nuevo municipalismo” o “municipalismo transformador” tal como lo defienden las Ciudades sin miedo?. English.

Which municipalism? Let's be choosy

What exactly are we talking about when we refer to the “new municipalism” or “municipalist transformation” as defined by the Fearless Cities movement? Español.

Barcelona en Comú: una marea imparable

Barcelona en Comú sigue levantando olas y ha transformado los sectores del agua, la energía y la vivienda pública en la segunda mayor ciudad del Estado español. 

The rising tide for the democratic control of water in Barcelona

Barcelona’s battle to take its water company back under public ownership is reaching its climax in the courts and at the ballot box.

"We need a feminist constitution"

How is anyone going to go to work if no-one does the ironing, cooks, or looks after the children? I think putting this issue on the table is one of the great victories of March 8. An interview.

Team Syntegrity 2017: edging towards a more liveable world

Is it really enough to ‘like’, ‘follow’, and ‘retweet’ each other’s posts and updates? Or do we need something more – co-produced meeting points and collaborative projects in our real/daily lives?  

On gender and migration

More than through any other lens, migration foregrounds gender as a construct that is also at once a process in the making.

Face to face

As an anthropologist and ethnographer, I attempt to gain access to the participants’ memories in the way I would have liked to have been interviewed. 

Reinventing urban democracy in Barcelona

Barcelona's citizens are setting aside the historical baggage of the nineteenth and twentieth century struggles of industrial workers movements, inventing a newly resonant language of rights and democracy. Español.

Let's win back Barcelona!

Guanyem Barcelona is a citizen platform that has embarked on a mission to solve the current Spanish political crises with their own hands. This increasingly popular political movement aims to remove power from elites and bring democracy to the people. 

El Banc: squatting as urban struggle in Barcelona

New forms of urban struggle have been emerging in Barcelona. The reconstruction of the Can Vies social centre, half demolished by the state in a botched eviction, has been an inspiring example. But other sites of occupation are under threat.

The right to the city: the inspiring free space of Can Vies

The social centre of Can Vies in Barcelona, occupied by squatters since 1997, achieved global recognition when plans for demolition were met by forceful protest. The attention on rioting has masked the hard work of reconstruction by the people of Sants, in a site of urban struggle against austerity measures.

Victims no longer: Spain’s anti-eviction movement

For over four years, the Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca (PAH) have responded to a national housing crisis through grassroots organising and direct action. To this day the movement has prevented over 800 evictions across the country. Here Carlos Delclós interviews PAH activist Elvi Mármol.

Mount Zion: the city within

Rather than submit to the noxious dynamics of Spain’s colossal underground economy, the migrant workers of Mount Zion built an informal city in the backdrop of 'brand' Barcelona. On the 24th July the community was forcibly evicted and a humanitarian crisis was born.

The battle for space in Barcelona: the 'rose of fire'

Beyond indignation and in the wake of a housing market crash, a series of daily battles are taking place on the streets of Barcelona over the use and purpose of urban space.

Homage to Catalonia (revisited)

As Catalans massively take to the streets of Barcelona to demand independence, we are reminded that the Catalonian question is far from settled. And the current economic crisis exacerbates old, underlying tensions.

Catalonia-Spain: Deadlock

September 11: the world - and Spain - is taken by surprise with the images of over a million people marching down through the streets of Barcelona, peacefully, in a very calm and cheerful mood, with no incidents whatsoever – in itself marking quite a distinctive exception to the trend in these years – but claiming nothing less than In-de-pen-den-cia, Independence.

Tributes to Fred Halliday 1946 – 2010

Fred Halliday, great scholar, international fighter for justice and openDemocracy columnist, died on 26 April 2010. We opened our website to tributes which poured in from around the world in an unprecedented, online salute.
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