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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Lebanon's refugees: resisting hegemony through culture

Seenaryo, a small independent theatre project that starts this week with Syrian and Palestinian children, seeks to foster an alternative political proposal in a situation where politics has emphatically failed. 

Beirut's schizophrenic identity

The Syrian civil war is spilling into Lebanon and drawing Beirut’s schizophrenic sectarian identity to the surface.

Memories of war in the divided city

The dilapidated buildings which dot downtown Beirut are constant reminders of what existed before, what was destroyed during, and what has occurred since the civil war which violently divided the city.

Beirut: the spaces in between

Film: A short film documenting Beirut's dwindling public spaces.

Sidon’s Salafist Sheikh: the roar of the Sunni lion

Heightened security has so far managed to contain the Sheikh’s roving and provocative marches.

Spectre of the Syrian spillover haunts Lebanon

It was only a matter of time before Hezbollah would also join in the fight out of loyalty to a regime dubbed by David Hirst its “midwife”, as well as in an effort to protect its supply routes.

Warspace: Geographies of conflict in Beirut

The series of conflicts that besieged Beirut during the Lebanese civil war have radically reconfigured the social and spatial environment of the city we know today.

Lebanon: the right to civil marriage and the frenzied fatwa

Rather than fly to nearby Cyprus to tie the knot, Nidal Darwiche and Khouloud Sukkarieh, supported by lawyer Talal Husseini, have attempted to force through the first civil marriage carried out on Lebanese soil.

Pope’s visit to Lebanon puts spotlight on Christians in the Middle East

As sectarian tensions grow throughout the Middle East the fate of the region’s Christians is a growing cause for concern. However Lebanon, despite its long history of inter-communal violence, seems to be relatively well placed to address this particular issue.

Lessons from Lebanon: need for reconciliation after the Arab Spring

The revolutionaries must find a way to bond former oppressors and oppressed together in this process.


Palestinians in Lebanon: Weathering Syria’s encroaching storm

Despite containing both vehement (and often armed) supporters and opponents of Assad, Lebanon’s Palestinian refugee camps have stayed largely free of the turmoil affecting some Lebanese communities.

Unprecedented protests in Lebanon call for secularism

Lebanese protestors demand secularism. Thai PM rejects protestors’ offer as counter-movements gain strength. Clashes in south Sudan kill 58. Al-Qaeda confirms death of top leaders. Iran tests new missiles in annual military manoeuvers. All this and more, in today's security update.
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