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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Anatomy of a demolition

One year ago last month, part of a Delhi slum was demolished; the demolition received almost no public attention. As politicians across India are speaking to the urban poor, asking for their votes and promising them secure housing, it is important to recall these events and the official attitude they represent.

City forgotten

Watch: Through the eyes of residents, local activists and civil society members, 'City Forgotten' tells the story of Malegaon’s fall from what was once the 'Manchester of India', to a town blighted by communal violence and in serious decline. (15 mins)

The myth of resettlement in Delhi

Since 2000, activist groups across India have sought to defend slum communities from dispossession in favour of 'participatory' resettlement on the urban periphery. The popularity of such reasoning has lead to the myth that squatters prefer resettlement to illegality, denying squatters a right to remain and masking the real, everyday exclusions in the lives of the resettled.

Delhi 2010: Where did it all go wrong?

With the Commonwealth Games underway, Satbir Singh traces the psychology underpinning India's celebration of and embarrassment at the event.

Delhi's Common-poverty Games

In preparation for the upcoming 2010 Commonwealth Games, Delhi is bursting with expensive construction and renovation projects. But these measures will do little to alleviate the living conditions in its slums, says Michael Arthur

Life by traffic light - Delhi's street kids

Can India begin to channel some of the creative energy of its twenty-five million street children? Why don’t school lunch schemes work?
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