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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Long live the People's Palace!

Glasgow's beloved museum of ordinary people's lives is threatened with closure. But these are exactly the kind of museums the UK needs as its nations struggle with questions of identity.

A sporting chance?

This year's 2014 Commonwealth Games opening ceremony will feature the demolition of Glasgow's renowned Red Road flats. The showpiece demolition not only marks the 'changing face' of the city's East End but also the brazen revanchism of the city's regeneration policy.

The independence debate is not a non-event but changing Scotland

The independence referendum is happening because Scotland has changed, and the debate it is inspiring is changing Scotland even more.

Anti-deportation campaigns: ‘What kind of country do you want this to be?’

A new musical, Glasgow Girls, showcases the power of anti-deportation campaigns as both an expression of human solidarity and an essential device for holding states to account. But their key role, argues Jennifer Allsopp, is to build support for an asylum system that upholds the rights of all.

Murk and Media in Glasgow's government

Hello, hello, Glasgow should be news

Where is Scotland going? Foreign lands and forgotten places

The future of Britain is at stake as the country heads towards an election year: a recent Scottish by-election gave Labour a surprising majority. Anthony Barnett takes this as the starting point for an exchange with Gerry Hassan on where a country with many parliaments is heading.
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