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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Ongoing conversations: realising an emancipatory rural politics in the face of authoritarian populism

The need for a new narrative to counter authoritarian populism, one that is popular, inclusive and progressive was a common call – also cross-class, intersectional and human rights grounded.

Creating peace: a manifesto for the 21st century

How does an international women’s organisation with a hundred year history put Mahatma Gandhi’s famous call to action into practice in 2015? Marion Bowman reports from the centenary congress of WILPF

China to 'strike hard' in Xinjiang

China launches crackdown in Xinjiang region. Iran urged to accept nuclear proposals. Karadzic attends trial for first time. Fiji lashes out at Australia and New Zealand. All this and more in today's update.

Scores dead in Peshawar blast

A powerful bomb blast in Peshawar leaves ninety dead, hundreds wounded. Six UN employees killed in Kabul. Guinea’s September massacre pre-planned according to Human Rights Watch. The political crisis deepens in Zimbabwe. The Hague hears how Karadzic ‘ordered’ ethnic cleansing. All this and more in today’s security update.
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