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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Shadow of military looms large over Pakistan street protests

The military is never far from politics in Pakistanand it may be implicated in the latest political crisis, as opposition forces led by Imran Khan challenge the legitimacy of the government of Nawaz Sharif.

The United States and Pakistan – beyond the verbal division

The United States and Pakistan engage in a war of words. Iraq to strengthen air sovereignty with the acquisition of 18 F-16 jets. Protests continue in Andhra Pradesh as demands increase for Telangana state. Unguarded weapons depots in Libya cause concerns. Anwar al-Awlaki is killed, but his legacy remains. All this in today’s briefing…

Pakistan and India revive peace process after meeting of foreign ministers

Pakistan and India have revived the peace process after the foreign ministers of the two countries met in New Delhi. North Korean envoy is in New York to hold nuclear talks. Russian navy to commission eight Graney class nuclear submarines by 2020. Powerful bomb blast rocks Cotabato City, Southern Philippines. All this in today's security briefing...

India-Pakistan talks slowly move forward

Foreign secretaries of India and Pakistan meet in Islamabad to discuss security issues. In northern Kenya, inter-communal clashes over resources leave ten dead while Maoist rebels kill five security men in attacks in central India. Germany has agreed to supply NATO with bomb components for operations in Libya. All this in today's security briefing.

Rapprochement across the Taiwan Strait

China and Taiwan seek to increase economic exchanges by allowing individuals to travel from Mainland China to Taiwan. Pakistani and Indian foreign secretaries are set to meet in Islamabad. Sudan and South Sudan reach Abeyi deal, and Syria’s Assad makes new promises to reform. All this in today’s security briefing.

With eye to US, post-bin Laden Pakistan turns to 'all-weather' friend China

Pakistan and China hail their relationship during a recent state visit of Pakistani prime minister Yousaf Gilani to Beijing. In Sudan, fighting between Northern and Southern armed forces in the contested border region intensifies. India buys transport aircraft from the US in the highest value military contract between the two countries. Russia cancels joint military exercises with India. All in today's Security Briefing.

Flood-ravaged Pakistan faces economic, political and security fall-out

Flood-ravaged Pakistan faces economic, political and security fall-out. Deadly attacks rock Iraqi capital, Baghdad. Afghan’s protest ‘civilian’ deaths. IDF accused of systematic abuse by rights groups. Blast in the Caucasuses. All this and more in today’s security briefing.

Top Taliban commander captured in Pakistan

Taliban chief Mullah Baradar seized by US and Pakistani security services. Saudis doubtful about effectiveness of sanctions on Iran. Tensions in Kenyan government lead prime minister to seek international help. Libya orders complete visa ban for Europeans. All this and much more, in today’s security update.

Obama outlines eighteen-month, 30000 troop surge in Afghanistan

Obama announces 30,000 troop build-up in Afghanistan. Sri Lanka must help refugees leaving camps, say UN and rights groups. Chechen rebels claim responsibility for Russian train bomb. Iran releases five British sailors. Bhopal water sill toxic 25 years after deadly gas leak. Suicide bomber hits Islamabad navy HQ. All this and more in today’s security briefing.

Urban siege in south Asia

A new wave of urban assaults poses a severe challenge in the cities of south Asia and beyond.

DPJ victory threatens US-Japan military deal

Japan and US military agreement could be in doubt. Attack on Somali president leaves 30 dead in Mogadishu. Pakistani brigadier killed in Islamabad. Iran nuclear deal could be agreed by Friday. South Sudan rejects referendum agreement, and more in today's security briefing

PKK take steps to bolster Turkish reforms

PKK members surrender to Turkey to back peace reforms. Roy Bennett trial threatens Zimbabwe unity government. Top Islamabad University bombed whilst Pakistan Taliban captures ground. U.S. offers new approach towards Sudan and more in today's Security Briefing.
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