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Adam Ramsay is the Co-Editor of openDemocracyUK

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Sabeen Mahmud: “I stand up for what I believe in, but I can’t fight guns”

Sabeen Mahmud alleviated intellectual poverty until the day she was murdered, 24 April 2015. In an interview with Karima Bennoune in 2010 Mahmud explained why she founded a politico-cultural space in Karachi.

Suffering happens, but Pakistan's Afghan refugees are more than just victims

The word 'refugee' conjures up images of rows of tents, barefoot children and saddened faces. The reality is more complex. My research shows that Afghan refugees have developed lives alongside Pakistani nationals in Karachi's poor katchi abadi areas: marrying, working, loving and learning together. 

Karachi: reading between the lines

Kinship ties are crucial in Pakistan, not only for gaining political legitimacy but for maintaining power through well-oiled patronage systems. These linkages restrict political parties from thinking beyond the ambit of their own community and political interests.

It tolls for thee

After attacks on mosques last month left almost a hundred Ahmadis dead, Pakistan must decide what kind of nation it wants to be. Choose wisely, implores Zainab Mahmood.

Washington split by revised US nuclear strategy

White House reconsiders nuclear weapons policy. Pakistani Taliban chief killed by US airstrike. Dubai moves to tighten Israeli entry ban. All this and much more, in today’s security briefing.

Fears of influx of militants prompts Kenya to tighten security on Somali border

Kenya tightens security on its north-eastern border with Somalia. Troops deployed as violence intensifies in Karachi. Clinton denies rumours of US-Iran prisoner swap. Rwandan opposition candidate attacked by mob in Kigali. Curfew declared in Srinagar, Kashmir, after days of violent protests. All this and more in today's briefing.

Accidental explosion kills terror suspects in Karachi

An accidental explosion in Karachi kills seven suspected militants. A drone attack kills 18 in Waziristan. A suicide bomber kills many in Afghanistan. Haitian aid is arriving too slowly. And Iranian hackers target China’s biggest search engine. All this an more, in today’s security update…

North Korea wants formal peace treaty in return for disarmament

North Korea offers disarmament talks if US ends sanctions. New wave of attacks on Malaysian churches. Violence continues between political factions in Karachi. Sudan dismisses warnings of renewed conflict. President of Yemen declares willingness to talk with Al Qaeda. All this and much more in today's update.
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