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Climate Stories - title

Climate change represents one of today's greatest challenges. Mass deforestation, flooding, droughts...the human and environmental cost has been and will become increasingly catastrophic, with an estimated 30-40 million climate refugees over the next few years at only 0.8 degrees of global warming.

Yet the mainstream climate story fails to address the roots of the climate crisis, connect the dots between interconnected issues and build from the perspectives of communities most impacted by it.

In particular, the stories of colonialism and the legacies we live with today are, by and large, missing. Instead, we are expected to trust that systems which bear the greatest responsibility for human-caused climate change are also capable of implementing the solutions. That is a hard ask. 

Climate efforts that fail to address entrenched systemic issues are not sustainable solutions. Instead, we may see history repeat itself....generation after generation. 

Climate Stories is an attempt to disrupt this pattern by weaving a different kind of collective story. Across this series, we'll be exploring possibilities of environmental justice in today's world and the efforts of those seeding a different future.


A Kurdish response to climate change

Conversations with the Kurdish Liberation Movement on ecological society and democratic confederalism.

Climate justice through Pan-Afrikan Reparatory justice

As reports emerge that the People's Climate March London sidelined a 'Wretched of the Earth' bloc of activists representing communities on the frontline of climate change, some of these activists share a Reparations story.

Environment, colonial legacies and systemic change

The continuance of colonial narratives prevents action on climate change. Meet the people working with diverse communities to build a movement.

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