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Guest editor Ronan Harrington introduces this week's theme: Spirituality and Visionary Politics.

Ronan is a freelance political strategist and co-creator of Alter Ego, a gathering exploring the future of progressive politics.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

International Security Correspondent Paul Rogers provides weekly commentary on the 'war on terror'. His acute commentaries are an indispensable guide to explaining the present conflict's development and mapping the future.

Climate disruption, the new reality

The present experience of climate change in Australia and Canada has major importance for the life of the planet.

Drone warfare: the cost of progress

Western military planners see armed drones as the route to battlefield ascendancy. But rapid technological advance is shredding their dream.

ISIS in action: Tel Askuf decoded

The combat death of an American soldier in Iraq gives a revealing insight into ISIS's military capacity.

Jeremy Corbyn, the future not the past

It is time to see Labour's leader in a new perspective. Can his party's MPs rise to the challenge?

A civil military: the global future

A new class of naval vessels customised for emergency aid could hold vital lessons for the world, starting with Britain.

America vs ISIS, the prospect

The United States' military deployments in the Middle East augur escalating war – and a return to 'boots on the ground'.

The war on terror: an interim report

Al-Qaida and ISIS bookmark a fifteen-year era of global conflict marked by western hubris and failure.

The west's shadow war

The expanding use of special forces to combat ISIS risks repeating the abuse and failure of the campaign against al-Qaida.   

After Brussels, ISIS's strategy

Tunisia, Paris, and now Brussels: escalating attacks on western targets reflect a shift of focus by ISIS.

The extending war: ISIS to AQIM

A resilient al-Qaida-linked group now operates across Africa's state borders. The west's response is failing. 

Nuclear disarmament: the prospects

The chances for a treaty banning nuclear weapons worldwide may seem remote. But there are positive trends.

Britain's deep-sea defence: out of time?

The United Kingdom's flagship military asset, its nuclear-armed submarine force, faces a coming 'swarm' of underwater technology.

ISIS and the 'war on terror'

The rivalries of powerful states are now driving Syria's conflict. But ISIS is thinking bigger.

A Raqqa letter: assessing the west

For a young adherent in Islamic State territory, American and British politics are a source of optimism.

Disarming war: the Hawk Ploughshares story

Two decades on, an inspiring example of successful direct action against powerful states and the arms industry is recalled.

The global divide: knowledge into action

A failing economic model is inflicting terrible damage on the biosphere. The agenda for worldwide change is here.

Syria-Iraq: civilian deaths, British denials

The British government's response to scrutiny of its current military actions is evasive. But mounting evidence of civilian casualties makes this untenable.

Remote warfare: the chemical danger

A fusion of drone systems and chemical agents is set to transform the landscape of combat for states and non-state actors alike.

Floods, climate, and neglect: a reflection

Across northern England, local communities are under water from epic floods. Yet no one in government makes the link with climate change.

Afghanistan's new phase

In the fourteenth year of Afghanistan's war, a resurging Taliban and expanding ISIS are forcing the west to react.

Jeremy Corbyn’s first 100 days, revisited

The leader of Britain's Labour Party continues to inspire his supporters and confound his critics. Is he behind the times, or ahead of them? 

America vs ISIS: towards real war

The spreading influence of ISIS is forcing Washington into a strategic decision: escalate. 

Britain in Syria: a gift to ISIS

The impact of London's vote for airstrikes in Syria will be magnified by ISIS's media war.

ISIS's plan, and the west's trap

The pattern of conflict since 2001 teaches a lesson that western states refuse to learn.

The west vs ISIS: a new stage

A United Nations resolution will intensify the war against ISIS. Such an outcome carries three grave risks.

The Paris atrocity, and after

ISIS's violent assaults in France's capital should lead to a political rethink among western leaders. But will they?

Syria, another 'all-American' war?

The retreat of Washington's allies from the anti-ISIS campaign has disturbing echoes of its Iraq experience. 

Sinai's blowback, Sisi-Putin's shock

The destruction of a Russian Airbus A321 over Egypt creates acute problems for both state leaders.

Iraq war and ISIS: the connection

Tony Blair's admission of a link between the war in Iraq and the rise of ISIS holds a clue to what may lie ahead.

Nonviolence, Palestine and the world

The rich history and resources of civil resistance – and its many examples of success – offer some hope for progress even in the dire conditions of Palestine. 

From Raqqa: the war escalates

A correspondent in the Islamic State heartland is energised by United States-led and Russian attacks alike.

The airstrike harvest

From Afghanistan to Syria and Iraq, western assaults take lives and fuel enmity. Now Russia has joined in, the chances of blowback grow yet higher.

Russia in Syria, and a flawed strategy

Moscow's entry into Syria's war is a challenge to the United States. But it also conjoins the two powers in military-political blunderland. 

A world in transformation

The refugees' great march to Europe highlights global fractures that can no longer be avoided.   

Britain's nuclear plans: the Corbyn factor

In the debate about replacing the Trident nuclear system, there is space for options that link British to international experience.  

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