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Rosemary Bechler

Rosemary Bechler is a mainsite editor at openDemocracy

Constitutional conventions: best practice

International Security Correspondent Paul Rogers provides weekly commentary on the 'war on terror'. His acute commentaries are an indispensable guide to explaining the present conflict's development and mapping the future.

A war close to home

The slow-burn effects of ISIS's dispersal are coming to the west.

A climate revolution

Zero-carbon economies must come. But need millions suffer first? A personal, global story.

Taliban from enemy to ally

The threat of ISIS's affiliate in Afghanistan is turning heads in Washington

Britain's defence, Labour's winner?

Conservatives' claim to uphold a safe country and strong military no longer works.

Nato, and a thinking gap

If the west's military alliance is adrift, it's not because of Putin or Trump.

A tale of two bombers

A raid on ISIS affiliates in Libya exposes cosmic waste – and stupidity.

Labour, ahoy! HMS UK needs you

Conservatives are adrift on defence and security. Labour must step up.

Letter from London, via Raqqa

How might a young ISIS true believer, back from Syria to the west, see the movement's future? Here, continuing a series of letters, is an imagined answer.

Kim vs Don: the Singapore sting

In a summit welcomed by Washington and Pyongyang alike, the North Korean leader had an ace card.

Kim Jong-un to Trump: bring it on

Trump thinks he's the top deal-maker. Pyongyang's summit plans suggest not.

Trump's empire: in decline, danger

How will an unstable war-centric leadership, beset with status anxiety, act over Iran and North Korea?

A war-promoting hydra

A vast, rich industry drives military solutions to security problems. Here's how it works.

Iran eyes Israel: the fire next time

How a military exchange gives Tehran insight into a sworn enemy.

Target Tehran

Israel's air attacks in Syria signal the wider war it seeks. Now for the White House...

Corbyn's critics: time to come round

After six shocks in three years, can Labour sceptics face the party's new reality?

Israel vs Iran, a looming war

A low-key raid in Syria, and Iran's growing influence, sharpen the risk. 

Middle East nightmare, made in Washington

The United States talks to North Korea but seeks Saudi war on Iran.

After the Syria raid, what next?

The US-France-UK raid on Syria is less mission accomplished than situation worsened.

Attacking Assad: to do or not to do

A military escalation over Syria presents huge dangers. So how else to act?

ISIS, in eleven shades of black

A multilingual manual for the worldwide jihad signals ISIS's ambition. 

Britain's security, Labour's missed opportunity

Corbyn's party changed and won the argument on austerity. It could do the same on defence – but it doesn't want to try.  

Britain's other nuclear weapons

Behind the UK's nuclear-armed submarines are lesser known tactical warheads primed for battle.

Britain's security: time to rethink

A bitter dispute between London and Moscow dominates the agenda. Now more than ever, Britain needs to focus on its true interests.

Nuclear weapons: playing with fire

Britain's neglected history of nuclear accidents makes the case for a new safety regime.

Moscow's armourers and British tabloids

Russia has sent two advanced fighter jets to Syria. But this is a tale of its vulnerability as much as its strength.

The mystery of the Russian planes that never were

Is Russia a military threat to the west? A larger past and closer detail offer fresh light.   

Syria's wars: a new dynamic

The Israel-Iran antagonism risks fusing with the Russia-United States one.

A quick guide to nuclear weapons

The what, when, where of nuclear danger – and the good news about dispelling it.

A speech too far: Trump's delusion

George W Bush's post-9/11 address launched sixteen years of war. Donald Trump's sequel promises many more.     

Britain's military: costs of failure, symbols of vanity

The real security threats to the United Kingdom come not from Russia but from climate change, inequality and marginalisation.

ISIS and Tunisia-Iran: a deeper link

The anger and ideals of excluded young people contain a story of the world's disorder.

What are the chances of a nuclear nightmare?

Trump's tweet-talk, loose lips, and big button amplify the risks over Korea and Iran 

ISIS: the comeback

Iraq's depleted military and urban wreckage plant the seeds of an ISIS revival.

The next war: ISIS plus expertise

In the ashes of the caliphate lie the seeds of a new and even more dangerous ISIS.

Trump, Pence, Jerusalem: the Christian Zionism connection

The political use of a religious vision spells danger for Israel, America, and the world.

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