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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

From the heart of America’s political establishment, John C. Hulsman of the Heritage Foundation gives inside perspective on the issues as they develop in Washington and spread across the globe.

Universal rights, double standards

What is the difference between the human-rights shortfalls of Venezuela and Mexico? Objectively, not much, but Washington has a different perspective.

Obama, Netanyahu, Iran, Congress and the Republican Party

An intense political battle is going on over Iran on Capitol Hill. Insular Republicans underestimate at their peril international pressures driven by global security concerns.

Religion and American foreign policy

In the United States, evangelicals are the neo-cons of Christianity, says John Hulsman. With its streak of religious certitude, we should never underestimate the centrality of moralism to the country’s foreign policy.

Questions for 2005

What’s on the political horizon for 2005? John Hulsman gazes into Washington’s crystal ball.

Bush's home run: neocon victory, realist world

The neocons have won Washington’s post–election shuffle. Game over? Not if Europe can get its act together, says John Hulsman.

On a knife's edge - what's at stake in the American election

The real issue at stake in the presidential election is the utopian vs. realist struggle for American foreign policy, says John Hulsman. America’s role in the world is the subject of a great ideological battle.

In the eye of the hurricane

What is it like to work in the Washington political establishment at election time – especially when so much is at stake? John Hulsman has the insider’s story.

Kerry lives to fight another day

By providing a confident, coherent narrative of the weakness of George W Bush’s anti–terror strategy, John Kerry has revivified his campaign for the presidency, says John Hulsman.

Explaining the Bush surge: an open letter to John Kerry

President Bush is surging ahead in the polls. Can John Kerry catch him? Only if he stops talking about Vietnam and starts painting the big picture, advises John Hulsman of the Heritage Foundation.

Why I'm not going to the Republican convention

The modern American party convention is country fair not clash of ideas. But for John Hulsman, the tensions inside the Republican party between foreign policy realists and neo-conservatives, the small-government party base and the empire-building leadership, make its New York gathering essential to follow.

A plague on both your houses - Iran and the transatlantic malaise

Iran is building The Bomb, but the US and Europe are sleepwalking towards disaster. The West must wake up to this dangerous crisis, says John Hulsman.

The coming foreign policy civil wars: Part Two - The Republicans

A passionate contest between neo-conservatives and realists for control of over Republican foreign policy will explode after the November 2004 election. John Hulsman, in Washington, maps the landscape before battle.

The coming foreign policy civil wars: part 1 - The Democrats

John Kerry’s confusions over Iraq reflect the internal struggle for the Democrats’ foreign policy soul, says John Hulsman.

Reagan: a savvy realist

Ronald Reagan had two great secrets to his success: he was open-minded and tactically flexible. John Hulsman draws lessons for George W. Bush.

The Wizard of Oz

Why is Washington so uninterested in European Union enlargement? Because Europe represents outmoded statism, economic stagnation, political disunity and military inconsequence, says John Hulsman.

High noon for Rumsfeld?

Washington is reeling from the revelation that American soldiers have tortured prisoners in Iraq. Things are so bad, says John Hulsman as he listens to Donald Rumsfeld’s Senate hearing, it is time to return to first principles.

Atocha: a view from Washington

The shared horror and sympathy following the Madrid terrorist bombings reveal a transatlantic relationship alive but in need of unity against a common enemy, says John C. Hulsman of the Heritage Foundation.

Rumsfeld v Powell: beyond good and evil

Donald Rumsfeld is the neo-conservative architect of war, Colin Powell the cuddly multilateralist. Right? Wrong. Behind the caricature is a titanic Washington struggle far more complicated and interesting.
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